1st Attempt

Hi all firstly huge respect to you all. Running is my Nemesis! I attempted my 1st coach to 5k yesterday and I found it so difficult sadly I couldn't complete it, I got half way (on a treadmill) and fast forwarded to the cool down brisk walk. It was so difficult it the breathlessness and tightness in my throat that stopped me but I will do it again tomorrow and hopefully get the 1st one under my belt.

Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated Thank you


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8 Replies

  • Well done for making a start. My very first run did not go so well either. I don't use a treadmill but I think you have a pace setting on it ... just bring it right down. The most important thing at the moment is to build up your stamina which you will do run by run and week by week. If you go off too fast you will just make life really difficult for yourself.

  • Well done for making the first move to getting fitter! I agree with the slowly, slowly approach. I also struggled with my breathing to start with and one of the tips on the app is starting with your left foot going down breathe in for four steps then out for four steps. Concentrating on this helped me immensely and now in week 3 I find I am almost doing it without thinking. Keep going you can do this. The support and advise on here is also very good.

  • Are you on week one of the programme (8 x 60 seconds running with 90 seconds walking in between) ?

    The best advice is to slow it right down until you find a pace that you can sustain... Good luck :)

  • Even at snails pace it took me 3 attempts to do a proper w1r1. I was just way too unfit!I I just saw the first couple of attempts as a practise. 🙂 Now you have started, you've taken the biggest and best step. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Just slow down.. and then slow down more :)

  • Welcome and big well done for getting started.

    Go super slow - like "running movement at walking pace" slow! I had problems with breathlessness at first &, for me, not thinking about breathing and letting it sort itself out was the way it came right - after about 3 weeks. Good luck, let us know how you get on so we can cheer for you! 😀

  • Everyone has said what I would say. Take it slooooooooow. I suspect that is difficult on a treadmill, why not have a go outside? I think that may be easier to control your speed to what is best for you.

    Week 1 is the hardest but you’ll get there, I promise x

  • Thank you so much all, seems I've made the classic mistake of going about it too fast (the brisk walk instruction threw me) "Glossy" I'm taking your advice, I'm giving it a second go at my Local Woods I feel the distraction of the outside space might be the key and noted : SLOW IT DOWN!!! Thanks again you lovely lot!

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