Five words I thought I'd never say 'I'm off for a run'

Started the couch tp 5k app on Monday 30th October and have done two runs so far. I just can't believe it! I'm severely overweight but am using the app for a little me time and to improve fitness. Would love to lose a little weight too but so far just enjoying the half an hour with some music and Sarah Millican 😂

Who'd have ever thunk it?


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8 Replies

  • Well done for making the determination to start, take it slow and steady and watch how you’ll increase your stamina. Above all keep enjoying it :)

  • Yes yes! Go you. Take each one as it comes. Don't over think it. Stay hydrated and never forget you've already done the hardest bit! Good luck 👍👍

  • Good work for starting out - I started on Monday too! Did my 2nd run last night :) I did C25K two years ago and was totally shocked at how much I loved it...Then had a two year break so I've had to take myself back to the beginning again. Hoping to lose some of the er..several stone I need to ditch, but like you said, the half hour of music and Sarah Millican is brilliant whatever happens! Good luck with it, have fun :D

  • Well done to you! I graduated in August, am overweight and quite old, but I succeeded! It's great for 'me' time and you feel a sense of accomplishment. As some other posters have said , you've done the hard part by starting. Good luck and share your journey with us 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Brilliant, well done, we all know how much determination and will-power it takes to even get off the metophorical couch, so I think you're doing wonderfully.

    Do let us know how it goes, and don't be afraid to be really slow!!


  • Welcome, I too am very overweight but I have now lost 2kgs. I'm on Week 6 run 2 done this morning. I also have Sarah Millican, she's great. You're right half an hour every other day with nothing other than SM and music and the elation of having completed a run keeps me smiling. Enjoy the journey and as everyone will tell you, slow and steady.

  • Indeed.. very, very well done you! Move often and the weight will eventually will start to go :)

  • Thanks for all the lovely messages! Gives me a wee boost ahead of run 3 this evening.

    Dare I say I'm looking forward to it?

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