I've just run a HM. Words never thought I would say!

Yesterday ran Edinburgh half marathon! Still can hardly believe it. Was aiming for under 2:40 so delighted with my time of 2:35:45. The start was downhill so that helped and was ok till mile 8 when started to be aware of my hip flexers and then started to feel little bit sqeemish every so often Nothing much but just bit different if you know what I mean. Struggled with mile 9 and 10 but then thought only 2 to go so that's ok . But in last mile every so often left calf felt like it might cramp. Never had any problems with legs before so not quite sure what to do so just really slowed down. Crossed finish line , felt amazing , went to meet up with family and jog scotland leader John , said hello and then wow really sore cramp in calf then quad. So just picture it . I'm lying on grass , John manipulating my leg, telling me to relax . I'm in agony ' politely' telling him certainly no bother , trying to smile cos don't want to upset grandchildren. When really was wanting to scream and use strong language especially at John who must have been torturer in previous life!! Anyway they got me up and walking and was ok. Phew. Grandson Brody ( my junior coach) thought I was just relaxing on grass and thinks I maybe should practice more and and granddaughter Jessie thinks she could run faster. Don't you just love the wee ones All in all great day and already looking forward to next HM

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  • Oooh Fitfor that's fantastic! Well done, and what a great time you did it in. You must be feeling rightly proud. I hope your leg is ok now, rest up a bit and revel in your achievement! Hope Brody is keeping well x :-)

  • Thanks no excuse Brody doing ok it was great seeing them at end . Def feeling legs today so trying to keep moving Look like old woman going up stairs

  • Well done, amazing work (and the leg bit made me chuckle! How is it today? I did a HM Saturday and my poor thighs are still moaning!).

    Jessie might be faster, but I bet you any money she can't run as long!

  • And you are amazing too Tea fairy Congratulations. As you know the mental benefits of running so outweighs any pain or discomfort. My leg is fine as long as I don't move !!! But I'm keeping on the move . Hope your thighs feel better soon . I just so enjoy running conversations with grandchildren Jessie is 6 and left me standing at 3 mile race couple of weeks ago . She may be a hare but this old tortoise will keep on going

  • Wow well done!!!Sounds like you enjoyed it despite the cramp. What an inspiration you are...here's to your next HM🍷

  • Loved it pot58 thanks. Somehow have signed up for GNR and already thinking about nutrition and water intake to try and improve on yesterday. Not necessary looking to go faster just trying to avoid cramp.

  • I have a camelbak which makes it easier to drink more on the go. Bit pricey but really useful.

  • I use a belt which holds bottle water which I can drink from quite easily Just don't think I drink enough at a time though tea fairy.

  • Possibly. You could try putting salt in your water as well (sounds mad but apparently sometimes helps)

  • Yes jogscotland guy being talking about tablets in water and recovery drinks and fuelling but I've always resisted cos frightened upsets my sometimes sensitive tummy . But going to give it serious thought now Suppose need to try things

  • Great post. What a Fantasic achievement. Great time. Love the innocent advice from the young uns. Out of the mouths of babes. My only advice is keep moving. I had to move every 20 min or I seized up. Happy healing.

  • So right about keep moving RFC just want to say thanks again for all the support and help you have given me and others through your 'questing' posts. You and the 6 wk quests have kept me focused anytime I felt I was drifting.

  • That is absolutely fantastic FF60! I am just in awe!

  • It was brilliant TT thanks

  • You have left me far behind, but you never know,

    I may yet greet you at the start of the GNR and you cam wait for me at the finish!

  • Well done, it's a fantastic feeling when you reach the end, isn't it? (and also a fantastic relief....!!!) - even with the cramps and the torturer ;)

  • Yea the cramp incident was certainly interesting Pigivi. Still find it funny how some miles last for ever and some just fly past. Always said running more about the head than the legs Mind today legs are def making themselves known !

  • Well done that lady. I bet that a couple of years ago you could never have imagined any of it and now you casually talk about the agony and ecstasy of your Half Marathon and it sounds as if the grandchildren already have the habit. Many congratulations.

  • I know MrT Certainly was never in my retirement plan! I'm lucky cos all grandchildren love being outdoors and really enjoy running with them . Couldn't have done that 18 mths and 3stone ago . C25k and all amazing folk on this forum certainly changed my life

  • You are absolutely amazing !

    Blimey, I am in awe , Well done on a magnificent achievement

    Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Aw thanks poppy pug. Who would have thought how wk1 run 1 when I thought I was going to die after 30 secs and was having to hold onto a tree would lead to this

  • Great result Fitfor60, such progress - your family will be so proud of you.

  • I'm really lucky c4ts cos all my family are so supportive. My 86 dad was out there cheering me on along with husband daughter and grandchildren. Son in law ran too but he so fast he managed to get changed ,down a burger and still was at finish to see me.

  • Many congrats FF60, that's a great achievement.

    I think I would have to bite my tongue reeaallly hard to stop expletives coming out at the finish.

  • Apparently according to husband Alan I was quite vocal - he said it reminded him of when I was in labour with children ! Think Jogscotland has maybe seen another side of me Dunder2004

  • Well done - great job :)

  • Thanks goonkeepgoing Actually I was saying your name quite a lot last few miles

  • Fantastic! And a great write up :D I could really picture the scene at the end of your run! :D

    Hope the leg is better now.

  • It was quite dramatic hill bean but honestly I just couldn't help shouting. Husband Alan said shame they hadn't thought to video it. He also thought john who was massaging my leg was very brave as he was kneeling over my ok leg and Alan was worried for shall we say his sensitive man bits as I was writhing about the grass. Actually more I think about it the more I laugh. wasn't laughing at the time though

  • Oh dear lol! And that really did make me laugh out loud :D Probably just as well that our most painful moments often become moments of pure comedy once the event has faded sufficiently in our memories otherwise we'd never repeat the events that led to them in the first place! Great achievement though. I'm thoroughly impressed at your perseverance in running through such pain!

  • Wow that's fantastic! That's a long long way and you ran it! Whey hey! Funny mental image at the end but it must have been worth it. Many congratulations to you.

  • Thanks Irish Princess It was worth every ouchy ouchy moment . But going to try and find ways to try and avoid cramp in future as wouldn't want to go there again

  • Yay! Congrats fitfor60! Sounds like a much better experience than my first HM which swore me off them for life ;) on the taking in fluids/drinks part, the dissolvable ones are a lot easier on the stomach than gels so you might want to give them a go in small quantities. I stayed away from gels after horror stories and plumped for them instead and didn't have any bother (other than sticky hands when my water bottle leaked!) All the best for your continued training for the GNR 😊

  • Thanks Lovefood Really don't fancy the gels either. Do you mean dissolvable tablets ? I guess I'll have to try them at training. Was going to try jelly babies again - didn't have much success when I tried before . One of my son in laws cycles and he says you just have to keep practising the eating / drinking on the go even when you don't feel like it. Which is funny cos normally always feel like eating !

  • Perhaps you'd feel better eating then? (Although that's a lot harder than drinking I found!) I tried the high5 sachets but they are no good for taking out on a run to put in water station bottles as you had to pour the powder into the bottle so I always pre made it and carried it. Did work though and I had no issues, guess that's what makes gels so convenient. I also tried the high5 tablets but bought the zero option which has no sugars in and just the electrolytes and magnesium, again no ill effects. Had them recommended to me by someone who exercises a lot and can't tolerate gels. Might be worth getting to a running shop where you can buy individual sachets/single tubes and try a few out. Hope you find one to suit!

  • That sounds great Will give tablets a try

  • I am so glad it went well. What a fantastic time! Parkrun will be a mere stroll for you now! You certainly had an early start on Sunday. I was up at Regent Rd for the marathon start cheering on a friend who unfortunately had to pull out at 18 miles! What a fantastic atmosphere. I did do the 10k on Sat, but have to confess I had to walk/run up the second half of the Queen's Drive hill, not sure if I can progress to a longer distance!

  • Sorry to hear about your friend Cathyrn 14 they must have been so disappointed. I don't know anyone who can run all the way up Arthur seat so I wouldn't be worried about that. I never thought I would ever be able to do HM. It was our jogscotland leader who trained 4 of us 3x week Since Jan building up the longer run. Was also nice to see park run director at portobello who called out to me. Hopefully see you soon at park run - not been doing lately cos sat has been our longer run

  • Oh Suzanne sorry forgot to say Congratulations on the10k The spectators were amazing and made such a difference.

  • Wow, congratulations! I just started c25k recently and your post is such motivation to keep going!

  • Thanks Texan Yes just keep going - you never know where this running lark will lead you. I'm 61 was overweight and never run a step until 18 mths ago and c25k changed my life. Just keep posting on here for encouragement and advice - you'll never meet a better bunch of people and they'll be with you all the way . You've taken the hardest step by getting started and I wish you well in your running journey

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