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Couch to 5K
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Almost there!

Well I’m taking it steady and taking it slowly - yes I’ve been listening OldFloss but I am getting there

Ran further than ever today 4.4km on W9R2- and it felt GOOOOOOD

Tried a different route - instead of a circular route with a return run after the halfway bell I just kept running and running and running

Although I had an idea of where I might get to I couldn’t be certain

Of course I would need to get back to my starting point somehow - so pre-run I booked the services of my chauffeur - aka hubby!!

I gave an estimate of finish time /place but said I’d ring to confirm - and off I went ........

Warm up walk completed the run began - initially on usual route Halfway bell rings - a little disappointed not to have reached W9R1 halfway point but on I went

Past the 1st of my possible end point

Past the last of my possible end points

.... and up some (small) hills too!

Finally finishing off with 5 min walk and ringing my chauffeur - who was surprised by my requested pick up point

It was only after getting back home that I discovered I had actually run 0.6km further that previous run 😊

Graduation Run not until Sunday as I’m doing the Nottingham Poppy Run

How a-maz-zing is C25k?

9 weeks and I’m actually 🏃‍♀️

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Very, very well done.. so close now... you are doing brilliantly!

Chauffeur... wow...!

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Unpaid of course!!

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Obviously! :)


Well done and the podium is in sight, could not the poppy run be your graduation?

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That’s exactly my plan

Poppy Run on Sunday will be my next run AND therefore my Graduation Run

I’ve done the Race 4 Life for several year but always walked

Sunday will be a RUN!!!


me misreading your post, will make it very memorable


Well done to you. Same run for me today and I also had the chauffeured pickup so was able to just keep running without turning around which is unusual. Can't wait to hear about your graduation run. Sounds amazing.


When are you going to do your final run?

It was sooooo good just keeping going - and made a nice change from the usual route


That’s fantastic well done this is such an emotional journey of self discovery be proud very proud and enjoy your graduation run great cause. Xx

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Thanks for support

I’m hoping it’s going to be a successful day - for EVERYONE


Very well done, almost there 👏

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