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Release those endorphins W3R1

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I do have the 'black dog' of depression with me at all times, sometimes a large dog and sometimes a chihuahua. (Check out the internet for black dog if you wonder what I mean). Anyway suffice to say, I am overweight unfit, high bp and low self esteem. I am not on medication. I suffer constant headaches and use a mouth guard & paracetamol to reduce my tension, and teeth grinding overnight. I also leave delta waves music playing all night to help get a good night's sleep. I don't see or talk to many people.

The point of this post is to just say how positive I have already found this C25k course. I thought after the very first run that I wouldn't continue, but I have. I dragged my kids with me last week during half term and I ran in the dark on Sun evening due to the clocks change. I actually looked forward to today's run, sleeping better and letting go of some anxiety. I hope I can keep this feeling.

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I just wanted to say "Hi", and that I'm also running primarily for mental health reasons, having been suffering with depression for a while now, and just sick of feeling rubbish and lethargic. I'm at work so probably can't spend too long typing a reply now, but what you are doing is brilliant, and I've found it really helpful from a mental health point of view, and sleep too, that's all part of it I think.

There's a huge community of people on here to encourage you along, many of whom will also be struggling with what we struggle with, so take heart, you're doing a great job!

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your very kind response, and I am heartened by it :)

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Hidden in reply to DIZZIC

My pleasure, exercising has really helped my mood, and with the stupid tablets I'm taking for it, I'm starting to feel strong enough to deal with things now. The black dog is sometimes absent!!

What a great post! I too have a black dog of variable size and am at the same stage in the program as you, or i will be if i get out today.

Well done on keeping going, and great to hear that you looked forward to it, long may the feeling continue. You have encouraged me to just get on with it, and go out, so thank you.

Keep going!!

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Boaty

Yay, go do it. I didn't think that I'd manage the 3 minutes before today but found online how to slow down, and that a slow jog probably covers less distance than your brisk walking!

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Boaty in reply to DIZZIC

I did it! i'm so pleased and it was easier than I expected, as with most things if you let yourself build them up. I was definitely going slow today though, fastest speed was the slowest yet, but hey, its done and we're both a step closer to graduation :-)

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A great and brave post, thank you for trusting us forum friends with your thoughts, feelings and health concerns.

Keep going with the programme, you are doing great.

The podium is being swept, mopped and polished ready for your graduation!

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We know, many of us, what the Black Dog is :)

This programme is amazing for helping us outrun and lose the blighter!!!

Very, very well done you... keep on with this and I promise you.. yes, promise, that you will feel the benefit :)

Run, take it so slowly and steadily as you like.. and let those stresses float away behind you... make sure, if you can, that you pop some extra rest day exercise in.. strength and flex.. or walking or swimming etc... it will all help.

Try and get into a healthy eating regime too....not a diet, but healthy eating.. and keep posting... the support here is amazing! We will run with you... every step of the way !

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oh Oldfloss thank you so much. I went to your link and read it with tears streaming down my face. I've just come back from my W3R2. I was desperate to escape my black dog today and even went early. Yesterday was a bad day and I have a momentously stressful cloud in my life, due to visit and cause further turmoil in my family's life this weekend. Yesterday tears came to my eyes, just because my octogenarian mum hugged me and then I sobbed uncontrollably later doing the dishes, just because I was thinking about it. It's not as though she doesn't often hug's the not knowing how I'll cope if I find myself without them.

Welcome ... and well done for getting out there with the C25k program. It's a fantastic program and you'll find lots of support and advice on this forum.

Thank you for being brave and sharing your situation with us, I'm sure it will be inspiration to many.

Good luck with your future runs ... and please keep posting.

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I empathise with you totally and have experienced a lot of what you have, including the teeth grinding! Doing this with definitely help you :) Sometimes in small ways that you may not recognise but a subtle, overall sense of feeling better; more able to deal with shite life chucks your way; a better understanding or a different perspective on things that you didn't have before.

You've taken a step to help yourself which is really fantastic and not to be underestimated. Go you!!! You have the capability to do this. And if you ever get stuck, just post on here and we'll support you. You can do it :)

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Fishypieface

Thank you for your kindness, it does help knowing others are with you.

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Glad you are enjoying C25k and feeling positive. It’s a great plan and I think it is making us all feel better about ourselves. Good luck with the rest of the plan. Well done for getting out there and running 🙌🏻

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Thank you for posting and sharing! The more of this - the sharing, that is, not the more depression, the better, because we feel less and less alone :)

Just realised I'd never considered visualising my black dog as different breeds. Honestly it's kind of hilarious to try and turn the black dog of depression into a small yapper-type dog... much less ominous that way :)

Oh, and well done with the running!

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to icklegui

Thank you, it feels like I have mahoosive all consuming great Dane today, but I just completed W3R2 and I think it's a little less hungry!

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to DIZZIC

Same for me today - much sympathy to you! I will attempt to get out for a run myself later, spurred on by yours :)

Oh, and I spend a lot of my inbetween days thinking about running and reading this forum >_< :)

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A recent poll on this forum showed that over 95% of respondents reported some mental health benefits from running, while 60% of the total reported huge mental health speaks for itself.

We are designed to move.

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Now I just need to find something for the in between days :)

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