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Attack of the wild dogs

So this morning i really didn't feel like running but thought i better get out there and see what i could do. I decided yesterday i was going to attempt 10km but this morning i just couldn't be bothered and i sure i could feel niggles (psychological - i am guessing)

Anyway started my run and running along enjoying the sunshine not even a 1km in and i looked up saw a women with a dog with a sweet little dog on a lead. Then is horrid black evil looking dog leapt at me and started barking at my trainers. I screamed and jumped into the road (luckily no traffic), managed to carry on my run. Then on the way back i thought well i will avoid the park so not see the dog again (the wild dogs like the park) and who should appear this black dog. So i thought right i won't jog passed it this time and take it easy - seemed ok with watching joggers from a distance just doesn't like them close up.

Anyway carried on with my run - get to 9km and another dog takes an interest in me, luckily this one had an owner and didn't decide to leap at me barking its head off. Anyway managed to get to 10km in 1hour and 6minutes and 40seconds - i am pleased with that

Carried on to do an extended cool down walk and followed by yet more dogs !! I use to love dogs and had a dog but the dog situation in chile is horrid. For the dogs as they are obviously in need of medical care and for people. I must say this is the first time one has barked at me, usually they are very calm and well behaved considering.

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Oh my, rather you than me running round with all those dogs after you.

I once met a very nasty wild dog on a mountain up here. The energetic marathon running 20-somethings I was with all turned and legged it up the mountain, leaving me (in my pre-c25k days) with no option but to follow them. Their chosen route included small sections of ridiculously steep rocks, but one of them was at least kind enough to give me a hand and pull me up! I'm sure if the dog had really wanted to attack rather than scare us off I wouldn't have had a chance!

Do hope the experience doesn't put you off getting out there again - and well done. Very respectable time for a 10k. Hope you feel better for having got out there, and do just bask in your achievement for a few minutes. 10k! Brilliant!! :)


I don't blame you, I would have legged it too or tried to. You just never know what they might do and I don't want to get bitten.

I will get back out there Sunday or Saturday hopefully without the dog chase.


Oh dear! Well done on getting the 10k done even with all the distractions!

PS you didn't have a leg of lamb hanging off your back did you ;)


I think it was a huge porterhouse steak


Great run Vixchile. Shame about the dogs maybe you need to get one to run with you ;-) It must be pretty scary.Great time though well done


Yeah pleased about time - if I can knock 1minute and 40 seconds off on race day I will over the moon. Liking the 10km distance. So will sticking to this distance in September and the in October start adding 1km on and see how far I can get.

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It was after my first trip to Chile which would have been about 12 years ago or so that I decided to get the rabies vaccine before travelling anywhere else......


Yeah that is one of the worries.


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