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W3R1 with added dog power

After finishing W3R1 I spotted a dog, a little old black spaniel, wandering around the common looking very lost and distressed: after I'd followed it around for a bit, tried and failed to coax it towards me with dog treats (it looked at me with a grr saying "My mum has warned me about people like you"), phoned the Parks Police to be told they were all at a Remembrance Day parade, rushed around the football players asking if anyone knew who owned it and eventually followed it back to its mum and dad, who it found by nose power, I felt I'd done a large part of W3R2 as well!

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Well done for making the effort.

I remember going off to find a park keeper one year when the lake at St James park was frozen because there was a swan that seemed to be stuck in the ice. "No love" he said "it's putting it on, everytime we go out to it, it gets up and walks off"


Glad he was reunited with his Mum and Dad, bravo for caring. 😇


That's very sweet of you. And bonus points for the run extension :)


Dogs! What are they like!!!! I was crowded out by dogs on my run yesterday. An apparently lost dog ran towards me, promptly sat down and bowed its sad little head. I looked about for a bit and saw no-one, so had a chat with the little fella and patted him etc til his owner pitched up puffin and a pantin. She then wanted to chat about my "fab" running tops (Aldi turquoise jacket and long-sleeved top) I was there for quite a while. Oh well ...........

You have to do what you can don't you. I would hate to think I'd not helped a dog in distress .....or cat or whatever.

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Misswobble I have been trying to teach my dog not to run after runners. It is so embarrassing. The trouble is he and many dogs think "yay! Running! Fun! Game!" And want to join in. The runner thinks "eek scary dog is going to bite me".


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