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W3R1 - Completed through gritted teeth!

I could have gone yesterday, but saved it for today hoping to sweat an extra half pound off for the scales tonight at weigh in, but not sure that was a good idea.

The first 3 min run wasn't too bad as at the two min mark the road went slightly downhill and that helped to carry me on. Did my three min walk and 90 sec second run and walk, but, I had taken the dog with me and greyhounds don't do stamina, looking round she was really lagging behind, didn't seem keen on this running business at all. Taking pity, I turned round and headed for home, idiot! my second 3 min run was all slightly uphill, boy was that hard. I really, really wanted to stop but didn't dare because I knew I would be cross with myself and have to do it all again, and truthfully today I didn't fancy that.

So, I'm looking forward to Thursday and my second run, and I will be a bit more cunning about choosing my route and the dog can stay at home on the couch!

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Well done, I am a serial hill avoider!

Diet tip - Try to avoind running on weigh in days as your body often retains water after exercise. Its tries to make up for all that you have sweated out and then some.


Oh no! Well that plan possibly failed.

Thanks Mirella, I will remember that for the future.


Well done you! I've got w3r1 ahead of me and must admit I'm nervous about the 3 minutes, so it's good to read that it's manageable - AND you did it uphill!! Good luck for the rest of your week :)


Them "how's Couch to 5k going?"

You "not to sure, but the greyhounds having trouble keeping up"

I think we can put that one down as a success....


Thanks Nat, the next two runs have to be easier.

Yes, Gaxter, these greyhounds are real lightweights!


Quite concerned about W3 as I have just finished W2 today. Nice to hear the stories about it being possible. :)


Me too! I repeated W2 as didn't run for 6 days and I'm not finding it that easy so wonder what W3 R1 will be like tomorrow!!!


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