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Well, that was horrible

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Yup. My first "horrible" run. πŸ™ Week 6 run 1. Back to intervals. It wasn't the runs fault (I don't think), but mine. I was still feeling a bit rubbish with a cold, and set out with a pounding headache and no energy. I was grumpy.

I did it, mind. 5 min run; 3 min recovery walk (I even hated the walking bit); 8 min run; 3 min walk; 5 min run. Grumpy all the way, slower than I ever imagined possible, and angry with myself for not being able to pep talk myself out of this funk.

But I did it. And the next run will be better, I hope. They say everyone has a bad run now and again, right? πŸ™

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Aw - it's tough sometimes but it's another run in the bag. Your body was telling you today wasn't to be. All athletes have off days. Well done for going out 😘

Thanks Catherine. And yes, I should have listened to my poor run-down body. Couch and a good book for me for the rest of the day. 😘

That sounds like a plan! πŸ’•


We all get bad runs, and use it as a learning opportunity to reflect on, and know that the next one will be better 😎

Sadie-runs in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you! I need this positivity today! x


Oh that sounds so like me. Grumpy but determined lol

Well done for getting out there and yes I am sure your next run will be better.

Hope that cold disappears completely and you are back on top form very soon. In the interim take some paracetamol and plenty of fluids x

Sadie-runs in reply to J9_54

Oh yes, I was still determined, albeit in a very angry way. πŸ˜€ Thank you for your kind support. x


Someone told me when I admitted to starting this crazy journey - There are good runs and bad runs but even a bad run is good for you.

You did it 😊

Sadie-runs in reply to DebJogsOn

I like this. I like this a lot! πŸ‘


You did it. That is what matters.

I never run if feeling off colour, knowing that I will feel as you did.........it should be fun,

Not many walking breaks from now on, which will let you get into your stride, but get well before heading out for your next one.

Going great, keep it up.

Thanks Ian. I know, I shouldn't have gone out...but I was worried, as it was 2 days since my last run, and I wanted to keep the momentum. Rookie mistake, lesson learned!

And thank you for your kind support, always appreciated. The next run will be when I am back to full health and it will be fun. πŸ˜€


Well done you, proud of you for pushing through despite feeling ill. You're doing great :-) hope you feel better soon and have a good rest x

Sadie-runs in reply to Hidden

Thanks buddy. x It was a bit foolhardy of me, but am going to try and focus on the fact that I did it, despite the grumps! When are you next running? You need to break those new shoes in! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Hidden in reply to Sadie-runs

Now listen you, put your feet up for a bit, a duvet day might be in order if you're not feeling 100%...

I've just done my w5r2, haven't even had my shower yet! It was great actually, I'll do a proper post shortly. Now, look after yourself, ok!!

Sadie-runs in reply to Hidden

Yay! Glad it went well. I shall look forward to reading all about it! And sir yes sir! Totally resting up today. 😴


Don't stress about the run, it's a mean old run at the best of times and you clearly weren't feeling well. But look at what you did - you can put it behind you, get better and then move on! Such commitment is really impressive - thers no holding you back now πŸ˜„

Sadie-runs in reply to sjs1969

Aw, thanks sjs. I found it odd that I resented the recovery walks. I used to welcome those with open arms! But meh. Chalking it up to experience and moving on from it. Thanks for the encouragement, much needed today. 😘

sjs1969Graduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Resenting the recovery walks? now that's telling you that you just want to run - how amazing are you?! 😊

Sadie-runs in reply to sjs1969

😊 x


You did it! That is really all that matters. I’ve found that you get it back - the important thing is that you kept going. Although you didn’t feel well and it wasn’t as fast as you’d like, also you had a bit of a mental battle, in my opinion it’s still much better than not going! Next time will be better.

Much easier to tell somebody else this than it is myself!

Sadie-runs in reply to Sadeskin

I am a little nervous that this is how it will be from now on, but equally know that is totally irrational! Need to get totally well before my next run. My poor poor body. πŸ™

And don't worry, it is easier to tell someone else everything will be fine - but you got me and everyone else on here to tell you that if needed!

Thanks for your support, fellow Sadie. 😘

SadeskinGraduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Hope you make a speedy recovery xx

Fantastic!!! You’ve had your horrible run.

I think it’s cool when people get the first horrible run.


Because it shows you can get through it when all you want to do is stop. Running along is easy when it’s all butterflies and bunny rabbits and sunny days.

It’s when you are not enjoying it but battle through that you get to see what you can do.

Also, it means that because you don’t want to go through that feeing again that you tend to really enjoy the next run even more and, as daft as it sounds, probably find it easier.

So rejoice in the bad run.

That’ll be the run that you completed anyway!!!! Woo hoooo!

Ha ha! Thank you - this is a very uplifting reply and made me laugh! Funny. I knew this run would come and bite me in the butt sooner or later. I have been so annoyingly upbeat so far. πŸ˜€

Thanks for your wise words, Ginger. 😘


Yup just put it behind you and move on 😜

Sadie-runs in reply to Polly2810

I will, Polly! Thank you. 😘

Polly2810Graduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Mine have been a bit rubbish this week...migraines and generally just feeling meh! All good stamina building, can’t all be great 😊

Sadie-runs in reply to Polly2810

Ouch! Migraines? Poor you. πŸ™ But you are right, every run, good or bad, will build our stamina. Here's to a meh-free week to you, Polly! 😘

But you still did it and didn't give up ❀️

Sadie-runs in reply to Peestar

True! ❀️ Thanks Peestar. 😊

Yup they do, put this one down to experience. This was the nemesis run for me - the only one I had to repeat. I hated it too...But you went and got it done, it's in the bank, onwards and upwards

Sadie-runs in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you JCR. ❀️

I had exactly the same experience with W6R1. That was what drove me to this site in fact. I found loads of other people saying the same thing and felt immediately better. As I always say, battling through the tough runs is 'worth' more than flying through the easy ones. That's when you really become a runner. You're doing great - just keep on at it - the podium is just 3 short weeks away!

Thank you! I am sure it is designed this way for a reason, but that doesn't stop me hating week 6 - pffft. The good news is that I won't let it beat me. The more I hate it, the more committed I will become. I am stubborn like that. πŸ˜€ I will keep on running until I get my happy run again. x

Hi Sadie well done on getting out and going for it, hope you've had a recovery couch afternoon! I've just finished W4R2 - sweating the one too many gins out of my system from last night, wasn't a pretty sight but feeling better now for it. Have a good week xx

Sadie-runs in reply to Sadiemac

Thank you Sadie! And well done on completing W4R2 - you are doing so well. I am pretty sure the two glasses of red I had last night contributed to my cr*p run today! Sigh.

You have the joy of week 5 coming up soon. I love week 5. Almost romantically. It was a beauty. Sigh.

Have a lovely week yourself! xx

We arnt having a good day are we🀣🀣


You still did it. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Will be better next time I'm sure. Difficult to function with a headache let alone run πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Hope you're feeling better and that the headache has gone. I think it's a good idea to skip the run if you're feeling grotty but these are often lessons we need to learn the hard way.

Then it seems that sometimes a bad (or conversely good) run can surprise us. I remember I set out for W7R2 quite a long time ago feeling normal, having breezed through all the others, and it absolutely floored me. It was a change of place and time of day, but that still didn't account for why it was so utterly unpleasant. It also left me sore and on the IC for a week but I never truly figured out why.

Hope the next one is better!

Thanks Helene! And yes, in hindsight, I really should have given myself another day to get over the cold. Oh sweet hindsight!

Cold pretty much gone and the horror of run 1 of week 6 has pretty much been erased this morning with a happier run 2!


You did it! That’s an amazing achievement! I’m sorry it was horrible, but you did it!

Sadie-runs in reply to Glitzfrau

Aw, thank you Glitz 😘

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