First failed run ! :(

Week 4 run 3. I started off feeling a bit sick, so might have been because lunch hadn't been long enough ago? Then got to the first 5 min run and at about half way Laura stopped! I walked a bit then ran until the 4 min mark and couldn't complete 5 mins. Got through the next 3 min, but the last 5 min stumped me half way again. I walked the rest. Then I started the pod cast again and did another 5 min walk and tried to run the 3 min. My lower back pain is back which stopped at week 2. Very disappointed and feeling like I'm losing not gaining (sadly not weight!) anyone else had a bad week 4?


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10 Replies

  • don't panic...we all have difficult runs...and if you have food in your tummy, feel run down or tired, anything like that can make a run so hard...My advice is to rest, look forward to the next scheduled run, don't eat anything for at least 2 hours before, take it slow and steady and you will be fine...good luck :)

  • It must feel terrible when Laura abandons you to your own devices! If it's any encouragement, I did wk 5 day 1 today and it felt easier to me than all 3 of the week 4 runs ( famous last words..!)

    Failed is definitely the wrong word. You kept going, didn't you? Despite not feeling quite the ticket? You persevered and that is an amazing thing to have done. I think that it is inevitable that some days over a 9 wk programme will feel less satisfactory than others, but I am sure Laura and other graduates would say that none of them will be 'failures' as each and every run is contributing to building our stamina and getting us fitter.

    This community has been such a great encouragement to me because everyone has done it and been there too.

    Hope your back feels better soon. :-)

  • As Laura would say, any run is a good run and some are better than others. It doesn't matter if you have to repeat a run or even a week.

    I have problems with my lower back (not caused by running) and I do some Pilates after each run which seems to help.

    I assume your running shoes are OK?

  • Don't be down hearted. The main thing is you kept moving. We all have bad runs now and then. For lots of reasons and quite often a mixture of lots of reasons. You didn't fail. You had a not exactly to plan run, and you did great by walking it off. Better than making yourself sick/sore. Don't stress it. I know it's easier said than done, we all beat ourselves up over this kind of thing. I'm sure you'll crack it next time :-)

  • No worries in the world... A run beats no run every time...

    Some days we all have runs that are great and then runs that are a bit "pfft". We either run out of steam (happened to me in week 8) or we're just mentally not in the right place and they become a chore rather than "fun"... and sometimes things hurt and we need to stop...

    Bit of rest - chin up - and you'll be back out there and you'll barely remember this run happened in a little while... :)

  • Thanks everyone, chin up and keep going that's my mantra! Good advice too and I do think I need to check my shoes with a gait thingy, as my trainers are ones I was going to the gym in about 1990 in! will report back in with a good run soon!

  • Sitting on the couch is a fail. Getting the butt off the couch and outa the door is a positive move!! Carry on and try try try x

  • Hey Camperfan, get that chin up , that's an order ! :-) It happened, done and dusted, its over. Bit of a rest for you and then onwards Missus :-)

    Oh and we don't use that F word on here do we ? :-) xxx

  • Cheers mb and pp, and forgot not to use the f word! Won't do it again honest! ;)

  • we all have bad run days - but you were out there trying anyway. Sometimes you might be sickening for something, sometimes it's the heat or injury - whatever it is the next run usually goes much better!

    I found the gait analysis helped with a hip niggle although did seem to cause some other transient pains as my legs got used to working differently.

    If your back is hurting try walking on your rest day and if it has subsided enough you should be ok to run again the day after. Do make sure you stretch hams, quads, calves etc and perhaps your spine (on your back on the floor, knees to chest) after each run

    good luck you'll nail it next time!

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