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W2R2 cheat?


Completed W2R2 this morning, however, I did it on a treadmill and I wondered if this should count or not, or whether there are any other pointers to doing the programme on a treadmill?

This is definitely more of an exception for me to do a run on a treadmill.

Also felt that is wasn't particular easier than W2R1, but just as hard but in a different way.

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Hi I did the whole thing on a treadmill. And like you I questioned it in the beginning but stayed at the gym.

I graduated yesterday. The whole point of this programme is to enable us to run for 30 minutes.....and I can now run for 30 minutes.

For me, the issue is that I now see myself as a runner. I’m going to spend the next few weeks consolidating and running both on the treadmill and in my local park. I’m then planning to start the 5k to 10K programme.

I first asked advice about treadmill versus outdoors and most people said it would be better for me outdoors. I think they meant psychologically. But for an array of reasons I stayed on the treadmill.

As the weather improves and I build up to 10K I will take it outside. The long runs are hard on a treadmill now as I struggle to keep my brain occupied (although podcasts are brilliant)

Good luck,

Don’t beat yourself up

Find your happy place and pace and you will smash this.

Believe in the programme. It really does work.



Morning Clive!

Firstly, well done for getting to week 2. You have no idea how hard it was for me to even start week 1, so I reckon anyone who makes that move has already done the hardest bit.

There are plenty of people on here who have completed C25K on a treadmill, so it's definitely not cheating as far as I can see. In fact, you get to run inside, in the dry, on a nice uniform surface without nasty things to twist your ankles and wreck your knees, so it makes a lot of sense to me. You might find, with the longer runs, that's it's nice to get outside if you can, but if the treadmill works for you, then go for it I say!

For me, I found it took a bit of time for my body to adjust to this whole getting fit thing, and to learn what the various screams from my muscles and my lungs actually meant. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is that I don't need to rush, it's not a race. Getting up to fitness takes time, so if a run is feeling too hard, just slow it down. Seriously - it doesn't matter if you're nearly at walking speed. Speed will eventually come. And for me, week 1 was actually one of the hardest weeks. Those 8 runs? I was shouting in my head "no no, make it stop!!". It felt relentless. But coming from a place of total unfitness, I'm starting week 9 tomorrow, so just trust the plan, you'll be fine. And do make use of this forum, the support is fantastic!

All the best, do let us know how it's going :)



I run on a treadmill for all my runs and does not feel like a cheat for me - would be interested in any tips and advice you receive though. Wondering how much harder running outside is?????


Thanks for the replies and good to hear your experiences too.

So many extoll the virtues of the plan and so many good posts on what people have achieved, so you can say that I trust the plan already :-)

I prefer running outside (Saturday was a prime example, good-ish weather, hardly anyone around, did the run and afterwards collected the morning papers and some freshly ground coffee), but this morning I couldn't but wanted to keep with the programme.

Good to hear that when I need to I can hit the treadmill.

Thanks all.

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Hiya I run on both treadmill and outside depending on time and commitments . Love both but do find it easier on the treadmill as it’s a continuous speed enabling me to complete the full run as when I run outside I tend to run away with myself. Before u know it ull have completed the app. Good luck x


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