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Feel a bit like a cheat


I'm on week 8. Finished my first run yesterday and was by far the hardest one yet. I was shouting to myself (in my head, don't want to scare anyone!) YES YOU CAN! I was so happy to have completed it and I know I'm on the right track for running the full 30 minutes. The thing is, if I had been running outside I know I would have given up much earlier. The treadmill is carrying my legs and I'm not about to press the stop button. Without a stop button outside I know it would be a different story. Has anyone else experienced this? My aim is to work up to doing park runs.

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You're still completing the runs, that's what counts.

This is the main mental battle; the reality is that if you did it inside, you CAN do it outside, but until you believe it truly, those gremlins will get their way.

Once you can believe it maybe try one outside and prove to yourself you really, really can. 👍🏻😁

JoDak in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you. I'm loving the journey. I'll get there. I will work on believing I can.

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to JoDak

Just keep repeating that "yes, you can" to yourself, it gets easier to believe. 😊👍🏻


You aren’t cheating, but when you run outside you will find a difference. Just take it a bit slower and acclimatise, but don’t let the gremlins stop you running.


Your definitely not cheating. I did all my c25k on the treadmill and my consolation runs on there and only moved to outdoor running just before Xmas. When I started going outside the main difference I found was hills I went at them as fast as I could witch I learned was a big mistake. I take them much slower now. I still use the treadmill and also run outside more for my long runs and can easily switch between the two now. And in case you’re wondering I prefer outside now. Good luck with the rest of your running and if you do decide to run outdoors.

Thank you, that's reassuring. When you were doing your Cto5K did you put any incline on the treadmill?

Scruff55Graduate in reply to JoDak

No just ran flat.

Maz1234Graduate in reply to JoDak

I did have a incline at the beginning but the more as it’s supposed to replicate running against wind but as I read up more on running it will only benefit you if you are running 8 minutes miles to have a incline so I’ve put it back flat since .


Hi I graduated last September and did all my running on a flat treadmill. Then I tried running outside it was a massive change so I started c25k again from about W4 outside just to acclimatise and now I do most of my running outside and love it. It’s a big change outside running but is doable. I suggest you carry on on the treadmill and then slowly transfer to outside. You’re doing really well and dont have much further to go so enjoy your next 5 runs and then think about moving outside. you CAN do this as you say it’s in your head Happy running 🏃‍♀️

Thank you. That makes sense. I would be amazed if I could go straight from a flat treadmill to 30 minutes outside.


Outdoors you have constantly changing scenery, fresh air and distracting stimuli of all sorts.

If you can run for 28 minutes on a treadmill, you can certainly do it outside.............whereas 28 minutes on a treadmill sounds like some kind of torture.

Going outdoors may take a few runs to adjust, but it is well worth it as you will have the whole world as your running track.

Thank you! Looking forward to making the adjustment.


You're not cheating! I'm at the end of week 7 and did most of the first 4 weeks in the gym. It is different outside but I think it's just a perception that it's harder because you feel like you're flying in the gym! I started running outside to break down that perception and now acknowledge that it is different rather than harder. Good luck you'll graduate soon as I hope to!

Thanks Roxdog!


I have used both but actually found it easier to run outside than on the treadmill - I think because there’s more to see and you’re watching where your feet are going; the minutes seem to go by much quicker.

Have faith, all will be well!

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