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Week 6 Run 1 - Stalking !!

Wow that was hard !!!! Hardest run to-date, really struggling for the middle 8 minutes (although shorter run than w5r3). Legs and chest really feeling the effects of the run - but overall i feel good, and i think I may have found my mojo back.

To the lady in the tight cycling shorts who I seemed to follow around the park today, I wasn't stalking you I promise. When ever I slowed down to a walk she did, when I started running so did she. I didn't have the pace or energy to overtake her (maybe on the same week) !!

Good luck everyone with your next run.

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Sounds like she is on the same week as you :)

Glad you have the mojo back .. it is so much nicer to finish a run on a high, makes next run easier to start.

Enjoy the next run.


This made me laugh as the same thing happened to me 2 days ago... was out on a run/walk and just 10 seconds before the end of my walk period a lady jogging at exactly my pace passed. It totally seemed like I had waited for her and was now running after her haha.

Glad you are feeling good after your run, I always feel awesome after my runs :)


I know what you mean about following someone. I try not to get drawn into going there pace, but it is hard. The thing is once you decide to overtake you feel obliged to run faster once in front, that can really knacker you.

I have taken to running the opposite way round the park to most people to try and avoid this. Also means I am forced to try and smile, between gasps for breath of course, at the other runners.


Maybe she was stalking you! :)


Well done. I found W6R1 very tough especially after the run 3 of the previous week, so you're not alone. Congrats and happy stalking.....I mean RUNNING!


I just done the same run yesterday and found it tough. My legs hurt and my breathing was not as good as doing the 20 minute run which I found odd. Keep on going.


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