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W5R3 Looming large on the horizon


Well in 12 hours I will be out attempting w5r3. I've seen the advice,keep it slow and steady,the programme is proven etc BUT 8 mins up to 20 mins does seem daunting. I will be giving it a good go but must admit to some trepedation.

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Don't be afraid! It's been my most amazing run so far in terms of sheer joy and exhilaration at finishing it, and I know lots of people had the same experience. Just keep it steady and tell yourself that the way you'll feel at the end is worth any aches and pains that your legs can throw at you. And you can do it, you'll be amazed but you really can!


You've been building up to this and you can do it.

Trust the programme, and set out with confidence...


Sixteen minutes running plus five minutes brisk walking is twenty one minutes. W5R3 is only a mere twenty minutes........a step down actually.


You’ll be fine, I promise. I did that run last Thursday and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Just take it slow and you’ll get through it. It’s a great feeling when you finish it. Good luck!


My favourite run! Honestly, you will surprise yourself, trust me. As others have said, all the running you have done before prepares you for this, and gives you a chance to see just how far you have come. It is a revelation. Starting out good and slow works a treat, too. I still follow that principle now, and I am in week 9, never failed to finish a run yet.

Start out with the mindset that, slow and steady, you can and will do this – and you will. It is as much in the head as it is in the legs.

Happy running and do report back!


you CAN do it, keep the faith


My god!! It hardly seems possible for you to have got to this already!!! Remember your first runs? That's just amazing. I remember when I started out, I thought how impossible it seemed that I could ever run for 30 mins, but once I'd done 20, it seemed to be within reach suddenly. How does it feel now you've been running for weeks?


Forget the trepidation... just start slow and stay slow.. imagine me whispering in your ear.. slow and steady..:)

You are ready for this.. have faith in yourself.. and trust the programme.. you can totally do this.. and we will be right there with you :)

You can do it. I work all my runs out on how many songs I have to keep going for.

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Me too!! Makes it seem more achievable as you count down the songs

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. As Pelican points out it only seems yesterday I was struggling and took 5 runs to get what I considered as qualifying to move to wk2. I will be imagining you all pushing me onward in the morning. Happy running to you all....


What do you mean attempting you WILL be doing this run, every run you've done so far has strengthened you ready for this run so you CAN do it.

As you've said just keep it nice and steady and you WILL be fine


I can remember the shock when I peeped ahead to the next week and it seemed sooooo much of a jump. You'll do it! Good luck! x

I felt the same, went SO slow some of the time and then picked up later.

It frlt not possible but it IS!


I was so nervous on the run up to this run (sorry for the pun!). I had NO idea how I was going to manage but I did. Listen to your body, manage your breathing, get into a good pace and keep going. Don't concentrate on the time (easier said than done!), try and let your mind wander off and if that doesn't work counting down from 100 is really helpful. Good luck. The sense of achievement will completely outweigh the challenge!

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