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W5R3... The big one!

Well, I went for the big one today, 20 Mins non stop running.

I was very nervous this morning before setting out, but I knew if I kept the pace slow that I could make it. I think on the previous podcasts (and esp. W5R2) I was running too fast and hence getting stitches and tired legs.

So I set off in the bitter cold to run alongside the river to meet my wife and young son at the swimming baths. The run itself went very well, and the key was pacing definitely. I wasn't listening to the podcast since I can't stomach the music, so I just put on my own music and went for it.

I checked the time when I was nearly there and it was 17.5 Mins - I thought it had been longer. So I kept going. By the time I reached my destination I felt I could go on. I ended up running for 23 minutes and managed a total of 4k.

I was delighted! There really is no feeling like it. Then my wife and son pulled up, perhaps slightly surprised, but really happy that I had made it.

Full of confidence for the rest of the programme now.

So I would say to anyone who is dreading it (as others have rightly said before me) just slow it down a bit, concentrate on taking deep belly breaths, enjoy it, and good luck!

I am working up in Orkney for 2 days this week, and so looking forward to a nice run in a change of scenery. I find having picturesque routes really helps also.

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Well done ... i did mine last week, and like you once it clicked that it was all about pace it made it achievable :)

Enjoy you Orkney runs.


Well done on completing this milestone run. It all seems so much more do-able when you finish this run. Over halfway now.


A great job done there! Congratulations. Get the pace right and you're away. Roll on graduation!

Orkney running sounds lovely too. :)


Yay, congratulations on your W5R3 accomplishment! But did I read that correctly, that you slowed your pace down and still ran 4k in 23 minutes? Zoom Zoom!


I know, was running too fast during previous weeks... Much too fast I guess! Should be on course for 5k in 30 minutes in a few weeks


Fantastic news, Barry! Very well done getting through the dreaded 20 and such great time too! Gayle


Well done...I'm a 56 year old fatty. DId run 2 on friday and hoping to do run 3 today...very nervous!!


DONE IT!!!!!!! Knackered, but v happy ol gal


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