W5R3 - The big plod

Well I went out this morning before 6am so as not to meet anyone in the lane! I was very nervous and had spent the time since the last run fretting about this one! For me, the continuous run was easier than walking/running. I read another blog here where they didn't get into their stride until 8 mins and I held onto that thought. It seemed the same for me. I was halfway round at the bottom of the hill so started the ascent (I like that, sounds like a mountain:) ) at 10 mins so it came at just the right time. I was really s l o w but I just kept plodding and the summit :) came quickly. Then I knew I would be ok. The last five mins seemed long but I did it with a growing smile as I neared the end. I whooped for joy and gave myself a clap and said to myself that Iam now a RUNNER!!!! :D

(I do hope this boastful blog doesn't come back to bite me on the butt next week when I attempt W6!)


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15 Replies

  • Great run, love the mountain description -ascent/summit . You worked really hard and yes you should be whooping for joy and boasting lots, it helps with motivation to celebrate your achievements I think, enjoy :) :)

  • Thankyou! X

  • Brilliant stuff.

    Great big milestone out of the way.

    Well done :)

  • Thankyou! X

  • Oh HollyO you are amazing. You should be so proud. I have more or less decided that it's too hot to run. I had a salad for tea and so if I do run it won't be until about 10 pm I can only run on empty. I am so envious of you having got through that. I really still don't think I could do it. Anyhow I will do the 8 mins again soon and as for the 20 mins we will see. I am so chuffed for you x

  • Thankyou! I did the run before 6AM. Could not run in today's heat. If I can do it you can too. I think the build up was so much worse than actually doing it. Somehow it felt right. I could probs have been overtaken by a tortoise but I dont care now! Good luck to you and please let us know how you get on. X

  • whooopppp well done holly :) a great achievement!

  • Very well done HollyO - brilliant job well done!

  • Well done Holly :)

  • Well done Holly :) its a great feeling running the whole 20 mins. I'm dreading the run tomorrow in the heat, so might take your advice and get up early. My running partner is away tomorrow so instead of driving to the flat seafront I might try the roads where I live, but like you the hills will be like mountains, worth a try though.

  • There's something quite special about running early in the morning - it's worth a try if you struggle with the heat.

    Well done HollyO !

  • I would like to thank you all for your kind comments. I really do think of you all as I plod along. I have your comments and words of encouragent in my head. We are all here for each other. This place is very special :)

  • Well done Holly, that is brilliant! I too do my running early in the morning and love it! I have W5R3 coming up on Saturday and looking forward to it although a little daunted at the jump from 8 to 20 minutes, but I'll keep your remarks in mind about settling into pace half way through! :-)

  • Well done, hopefully I will be posting on saturday to say I too have completed the dreaded W5R3! Fingers, and toes, crossed!

  • Just seen this - you've done great you runner you! I always go out first thing about 6 - its cool not many people around and its all done and dusted for the day then. Keep going!

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