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Aaaargh! W4 looming large...


W3R3, on the plus side, recovery times seem to be quicker, feeling smug, but I have had sore shins this week.... really struggling to get past the last 3 minute run as well, all I can think of is clockface ticking down and the legs don't want to know...and having already looked up what W4 holds, its fair to say I am not as energised as I wanted to be...on top that I have been cycling to work this week, 3 miles there, 3 miles back. Over doing it? Or overcompensating for some point of underachievement? I don't know, over thinking it perhaps......inspire me!

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Hi trickster!

I’m glad I’ve just seen your response!

I haven’t been on here for a while and have restarted the c25k. I’m about to do the week 4 run today. I found the 3 minute runs a real struggle on week 3 and I’m not looking forward to it and it’s nice to see someone saying the same! I’ve been trying to make myself stop thinking about the clock and looking a head and focusing on the space around me. I find as soon as the time ticking enters my head I lose focus and then the run becomes hard as I’m thinking “how much longer”. However hard it is I keep reminding myself that I found week 1 hard and look how far I’ve come! Good luck with your week 4 run, you will do it!!


Thanks Sarahsarah, tell us how you get on! You're right and I'm glad someone else has had the clock watch thingy. But I have come along way when I reflect on it, much more positive mentally as well as physically. I can do it!

Just got back! I found the 4 mins went really quick but I did have to make an effort to concentrate on not thinking about times and focusing on my running! Good luck with yours!

Glad to hear it, Iannodatruffe is right, positivity! And focus on the surroundings not the run!


I hated the 5 minute runs this week, it feels so long! Have to admit I’m nervous about week 5, I almost wish I hadn’t looked ahead!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Hidden

I am sorry but I cannot understand how you can willingly undertake a training programme that is designed to get you running for thirty minutes and not be delighted with the fact that you actually ran five minute intervals. If you hated five minutes, I hold little hope for you running for six times as long.

I suggest a change of mental approach. Relish the challenge. Delight in each little victory. Look forward to the next challenge.

If you are not enjoying this then you will not persist.


Hey Trixster! Well done for completing W3. I remember I had a bit of a mental challenge dreaming up what W4 was going to be like in fact there’s a bit of that before the first run of every week, but I know it’s all about the unknown and the gap in-between the run gives you time to build up the pictures in your head! But without exception (so far), once I’ve got out there, I’m so glad that I did and I’ve reached the end feeling great and you will too!

Cycling too must be great for your fitness. I’m sure more experienced runners will help with some advice! Go you!! Yes, you got out there and you did it! Well done! ❤️

I too thought it was a huge step up from W3 to W4 but I’ve just done my 2nd W4 run and I’m getting faster and going further than I ever thought possible. Just get stuck in!

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