W5R1 - Looming on the horizon - will I make it?!!

I'm due to start W5R1 this evening. So far I have really enjoyed progressing through the weeks and W4 has been my favourite. BUT! for some reason I'm getting all twitchy about W5 especially the 3rd run. Is there anyone out there to put my mind at rest and willing to share any experiences/feelings about starting W5? Thank you so much in anticipation of your replies ! ;-)


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7 Replies

  • I've just done W4,R3 (but didn't complete W4,R2, technically), so I've got to decide whether to progress onto W5,R1 on Saturday. However, to help me make the decision, I have just taken a look at what W5,R1 involves (something I don't usually do, as my mind is liable to start telling me 'no way can you do next week') and it has made my mind up to give it a go. In case you don't want to know...




    Seeing that I will only have to run three times, instead of four, only one of those runs will be longer than what I've just done, plus I'll get longer walking breaks, has made my mind up to give it a go. I may be whistling dixie, but three five minute runs sounds /easier/ that what I've done this week. ;)

    Best of luck with starting week 5. I will be looking to see how you get on. I hope it is a lot cooler for you this evening when you run.

  • I ran my W5R1 last night and completed it with no problems (Well I dropped my car keys and had to go and pick them up!) and it was hot.. but had no problems at all running the three five minute runs. Considering 4 weeks ago I was struggling to run for 90 seconds - I was quite impressed with myself. I tend not to look at what's coming up and just wait for Laura to tell me once I've started my brisk 5 minute warm up walk... Judging by the way the colleagues at work who've done C25K say "Ahhhh week 5 - enjoy!" I'm guessing the runs get somewhat/a lot longer! Trust St. Laura if she thinks we can do it - then we must be able to... that's what I'm saying to myself anyway... (And if stays hot like this - carry some water)

    Good luck....

  • check out the tags about week 5 and you will see that everyone is anxious about it but it's the one week which really makes you feel like a runner.Trust Laura, because if you've got this far, you can certainly do it. Go as slowly as you need during the running sections and keep your brisk walking parts really brisk ( fast enough to be just under a trot). The main point of the programme is to train your body and mind to exercise vigorously for 30 minutes so don't stop even if you have to slow the run right down. You will do it and you will enjoy it- I promise :)

  • I've just blogged about my fear of the 20 minute run tomorrow, I've had some really good comments which have made me feel a bit braver, but yes it's still daunting...

    Best of luck to you Gerry-po & all week fivers. :-)

  • I think Week 5 Run 3 is the one that everybody is anxious about... I know I sure as hell was! If I have any advice for you, take it slow and steady. Finishing is always better than speed, you can always work on your speed when you graduate! I almost made myself sick with worry about this run, but once I got out there and did it, the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

    Most important of all - Believe in yourself! You CAN do it :) Good luck! xxxx

  • i just done wk5 r3 today and i was convinced i was no where near ready to run that long with no walking inbetween i thought it was a misprint when i 1st saw it lol, but i completely surprised myself and finished it, dont doubt youself and give youself loads of negative thoughts, i was, then just told myself to stop bein silly and just do my best, i believe u will do it good luck :)

  • I did week 5 run 3 last week, the first few minutes I convinced myself I couldn't do it and I may as well give up but I didn't. The second five minutes was ok then i got to half way (I then turned around, I run on a cycle path) and instead of telling my self I was half way I just said in my head "I only have to run home" the last two minutes were hell but I made it and it was a great feeling, try not to fear it too much you are more than capable physically it is much more of a mental challenge.

    I am doing week 6 part 3 tomorrow (25 min run) so need to take my own advice as am feeling quite anxious about it :-/

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