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Wk7 R2 Daring to Believe

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So another 25 minutes under my belt - and feeling pretty good. Am really beginning to believe I will graduate now 😊

But lookng to the future am wondering how it will be. Already worrying about my dependance on Laura - how will it be without her? Should I be worrying about distance - am covering about 4km in session (Inc warmup and down) it was about 3km when I started so improving but no where near 5km. Am I ok to be anti-social in planning to keep running on my own (I love the headspace I get and I have all you virtual running buddies anyhow) or do you think I'll eventually lack motivation?

So many questions I know. I AM LOVING THE RUNNING and want to keep going into the future - but all this talk of park runs improving splits (along with gadgets involved in tracking this) spreadheets and the like makes me think I'm going to be unprepared.

I just want carry on feeling the ground moving under my feet in the great outdoors.

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1) I have never used the app and have run freestyle from the start and love it

2) No plans to run with a club etc, love running on my own (loneliness of the long distance runner)

3) Don't worry about distance it's about the time, pace/speed/distance will come in time

4) Keep enjoying

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You're not being anti social, you're doing what works for you and nobody can say fairer than that - I'm not running with friends at the moment ether because most of my friends who run are very accomplished and I know I would find it incredibly demotivating if I went for a run with them and felt like I was slowing them down (which I would be!)

Keep running, keep smiling 😊

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Intend to try😊


Hi - I did the same run today - isnt it grand - and feel similar in terms of antisocialness. One of the things I enjoy about my running is the me time. I like being alone in my head (its a really interesting place to be) and I also like being flexible to do things as and when I want to rather than to fit in with anyone else. I'm looking forward to joining in things like park runs, now and again in order to mix things up, but I really value the time I am spending exploring my own boundaries without having to think about anyone else's. Happy running!

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Couldn't agree more!


Just get to graduation... then think about where to go :)

I am a lone runner...and I have never, ever lost motivation :) You just get to the podium and then the world of running is yours :)

So much out there :) And we are full of advice:)


I'm planning to do one park run for my graduation run...because I can. And then back to different routes and different challenges.


Great advice as always from Oldfloss! I am asking myself all the same questions, but I think/hope we will find the answers as we go along (even though life without Laura seems scary to me too!) I run alone too (but with Laura of course!) and i love it.

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Definitely just going focus on the next run, then the next and worry later.

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