Not been here before: Week 5, R2

Not been here before: Week 5, R2

Action shot is blurry because it was cold and damp, not because I was running really fast! Honest.

I rarely run with music, mostly because music often leaves my brain feeling a bit scrambled. But I will admit that I was worried about fixating about when not!Laura's* voice was going to speak to me again, so I took an audio book with me instead. I'm glad I did because I still found myself worrying that I'd missed an end or a beginning, and inbetween, worrying which branch was going to jump out and bite me :D

I took it really easy. Really, really easy. Possibly too easy, but I do want to stay as uninjured as possible for the local MoRun on Saturday. I still feel like I've accomplished something though, and I'm really looking forward to Thursday and Day 3. Who knows? I might even manage 20 minutes on my first attempt

*not!Laura's voice is because my iphone is currently unusable so I am using a borrowed Samsung and had to download what turned out to be a very unexpectedly different versionof the app. And I can't remember whose the voice is, except that it's a bloke (and he's probably famous for something but I don't know what).

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  • I did Week 5 Run 2 today as well - I felt really good that I had done it. I am looking forward to run 3, but with a little trepidation!!!

    Your dogs certainly look like they were enjoying it! :)

  • Well done you! I'm pretty sure we're allowed to feel a bit nervous about it๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Great pic x and well done x we are at the same stage as you x

  • Yay! It's good to meet fellow week 5-ers โ˜บ

  • Well done ! like your running buddies.

  • Thanks! I like 'em a lot myself :D

  • Nice running undies - I need to get mine back out with me but last time I tried she just sat down as soon as I started to run, so I gave up and took her home!

    Several of us have done w5r2 today - maybe in this company I'll finally manage to get past this week! ;)

  • Nice typo! ๐Ÿ˜…

    Aw bless. Mine always do better when I'm with a group.

    We can do it if we stick together!

  • ๐Ÿ˜ณ oops!!!! Auto-correct fail!

  • My best/worst autocorrect fail was one where I told a friend I'd had a "snot thief" for breakfast. I'd had a smoothie...

  • :D :D :D

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