Ask at reception

Ask at reception

So I know from the posts that quite a few people on here travel with their jobs.

Now that I am hooked with this running I tend to look at hotels differently. Not if they have a fitness room as I hate treadmills with a passion but rather if they have anywhere close by that would be ok for running.

When I was in the US in September they handed me a local jogging route card when I checked in.

My W5R3 was a 5am jog around a beautifully deserted Pasadena being able to take in all of the buildings and architecture.

It’s great if you are still on the program and on a business trip as it totally takes your mind of the running because you have something new to look at.

Unfortunately last night at Munich airport there wasn’t anywhere (hence me nearly causing a security incident by mistake) but when I have checked in tonight in Zurich and asked them at reception if there was anywhere to run in the morning they gave me a great little print out showing 4/7/12km routes through the local forests and fields at the back of the hotel.

So for everyone on the program and for all the graduates....there is no reason now not to take your trainers! Rather than be sat in a meeting room all day and a hotel bar / room all night, use it as a great chance to maybe see a little bit of where you are staying.

Quite looking forward to the morning now.


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14 Replies

  • Good for you GingerBohemian this running malarkey changes us eh? It must be lovely travelling round, made even more special by checking out the locality!!

  • Ups and downs.

    Although hopefully not on tomorrow’s run

  • You're so right! I'll definitely be looking at where I stay in a different way from now on.

  • Running tourism is fab.

    I once returned to a hotel from an early morning run and in reception was a table with bottles of water and a little note saying "welcome back joggers" 🙂

  • Awesome!

    And you are right. Running tourism is great.

    Also pumps me up for the day ahead.

  • THe hotel I stay in in Berlin has a running group at 07:30 once a week. I’ve stayed at the hotel a couple of times on days when they’ve met up but never actually been out with them. It’s a little too late for me (that’s my excuse!) but I do enjoy strutting in after my run when they’re meeting up and receiving their acknowledging nods! I also enjoy conversations in the lift which start “have you been running already?” and go on to discuss the pros and cons of morning running. Makes me feel like a pro!

    And I do pore over maps looking for places to run near hotels. I will ask at reception though if it’s safe - certainly in a strange city.

    But it gets bad when you have more running gear than work clothes in your bag. 😂😎🏃

  • Haha....tell me about it. Gone are the days of clothes for daytime and fresh for nighttime.

    I’m 4 countries 4 days this week and hate waiting for baggage at the carousel so manage to get a week’s worth in 1 carry on bag. Not easy when there are trainers and running gear !

  • Yep, I do that! I had some old really light runners which i took on trips, but now I take my Vibrams, which are absolutely minimalistic and hardly weigh anything! More space for all the rubbish you need in the winter.

  • Have shoes will travel...........

  • I recently booked a hotel solely on the basis that it was called 'Park Hotel' as I figured it must be close to a park to run in :)

    Ohhh Maaan, what has this programme done to me!

  • Tell me about it!!!!

  • Wonderful... thank you :) I am not a traveller... but your posts take me all over the place:)

  • Would happily swap and have my own bed each night

  • I bet :) Snuggled up now... a day with small runner in training and ten ,miles walked today... phew :) x

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