to everybody on the C25k - you are amazing!

It's been nearly a year since i graduated. I have continued to run at least three times per week (two 5k's and one longer run) and am running my second 1/2 marathon this weekend. I thinks it's fair to say it is now a lifestyle rather than a fad!

As i go out running it's always great to see people of all shapes and sizes out running too (I started the program at 19st and have a now 15st so i know what i am talking about !).

On so many occasions a runner comes into view and all of a sudden they stop running and start walking. It took me while but I soon realised they are doing the C25k.

Immediately Ibecome incredibly proud for them, i feel strangely protective of them, I deperately want to stop and tell them all about my journey to hopefully give them motivation, I want to give them helpful advice that I have picked up over the year, i want to say 'well done' for getting out there.

Instead i just plod on by, smile and nod my head not wanting to intrude on their personal journey.

So to everybody on the C25k who feels self conscious or dejected as somebody runs on by, remember they may well have graduated from C25K too. And that look they give you isn't what you might think! its really a look of pride, understanding and support.

For everybody who has set out on the C25K program, you are truly amazing and you must, must, must always remember that!


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  • What a lovely post ! Tell me Pelicanmike, how did you train for your half marathons? I completed week 9 run 1 this morning and have sort of agreed to run a half marathon in March next year with my colleague. :(

  • Well done for getting to week 9! A truly great achievement.

    My training for my first HM (Milton Keynes) was not good. I learned all about bits of my body i didnt know existed like the IT band (had a painful injury that really should have stopped me running but i had raised a lot of money for macmillan and decided to run anyway). I didn't run more than 5k at a time in the two months before the race which was far from ideal but to be fair it was all my own fault as i increased my distance far too quickly! This time round things have been much better, no injuries and ready (18k training run completed two weeks ago and all good).

    My advice would be to stick with 30 mins runs twice a week (one fast, one easy really works for me) and then have a longer run once a week. increase the time/length of the longer run in no more than 10% increments and only increase length/duration if the previous long run was OK for you (is not supposed to be torture).

    Other advice I was given was to NOT run full HM distance before the big day. If you can run 16k you can run 21k (Honest!) and the thrill of completing your first HM will be so much better with a crowd around you.

    As you start running further an further you will have to start thinking about taking food/gels onboard as you run.

    My first HM was completed drinking only water and to be fair the last 5K was awful apparently because i had basically used up all my energy. Since then I have started using Gels for any run over 10k and it really does make a big difference.

    Don't get too worried about this though, as your distance increases you will get to know when you need to start thinking about refueling.

    Good luck for March. let's face it, you have managed to get from your couch to running for 30 minutes, so you can do anything you set your mind to.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Truly appreciated! I will let you know how I get on ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • Good to hear ... like you I overcooked it a bit after graduation, the ITB band struck and taught me a lesson and a couple of months ago out of the blue I had a horrific hip strain that I can't tell you where it came from but it stopped me in my tracks with 4 weeks to go before my first 10k! I managed to do it but it's only now that the pain has gone. Am training for a Half M in October and am following a Bupa beginner programme so I'll see how I go but you're right ... you reach a certain distance and then think 'ok, I can do a bit more' ... I started C25K last November, never ran in my life and never wanted to but now approaching 46 and running 3 times a week, even on holiday in Greece last week getting up at 6am after a late night 3 mornings of it, it's become a way of life ... here's to all on the journey and all who are continuing it :-)

  • this post made me cry. I will always remember your post when out. Well done on losing 4 stone, that's awesome!

  • Ah this is great , thankyou so much for posting this !

    Yes it is truly amazing how far this programme can take us . a second HM is brilliant !

    Lovely, heartfelt post Mike and so so true :-) xxx

  • What a lovely, heartfelt, inspiring post. Well done on your success ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • That's a lovely post PM!

    We are indeed all hugely proud of everyone tackling the programme!

  • What a lovely post Pelicanmike. Thank you. I completed week 9, run 2 today, so that means one more run to graduation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks pelicanmike, I'm looking forward to that 15st marker! Just finished W3 so a long way to go yet I know

  • Lovely post. I would just love for C25K to spread to Denmark, so that I too could meet other C25K'ers when I'm out running.

    I am spreading the word :-) :-)

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