6km...happy days!

Sooo chuffed. I looked up a 10 km running program yesterday morning after a few days off for various reasons (one including a broken ankle and a mountain rescue helicopter - not for me I hasten to add but for the friend I was walking with) I thought I would give it a try.

It said running three times a week choose a long run day and gradually increase this run - 6km, then 6.5 km etc. So, not really believing I could do it, I set out for my run. 5 min walking warm up, 6km run, 3.5 min cool down (would have been 5 mins too if there hadn't been a boiler issue at home!). I can't quite believe it, just a few months ago running for 3mins was difficult enough and there I am running 6km - 6KM!!!!!! Have I said it enough...6KM!!!!!

As you can see I am rather pleased with myself. :)

Anyway, anyone starting out on C25K - this program really works and you too will be boasting like me about how far you can run in a few months time. Have a great week of running people!


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14 Replies

  • Yay! I know exactly what you mean! Well done :-)

  • Well done, and good for you.

  • Which 10km program are you using? Am close to graduating C25K, and already looking ahead to progressing further.

  • Eek - I'll try and let you know. I googled 5km to 10km running program and it came up with a site called lazy runner...'that's me' I thought and I took it from there!

  • Oh, yes, I love that feeling! I felt the same way after my run yesterday - I'm slowly increasing my distance too. Are you running the same route as when you started C25K? I remember those lung-scorching first minutes every time I run there. :D

  • I've changed it up a bit, but I do still do my same route at least once a week. I am hoping that one day I will be flying round it!!

  • You will :) We can only progress in this game, right? (spot the addict).

  • well done then - HOW far was it you ran again? I forget....

  • 6km...did I happen to mention it? 6KM!!! Tee hee!!

  • ahh yes.. I remember now.. well done though ( in all seriousness for a change) that's... 3.72822715 miles !!!

  • k k k k k k

  • Really...6k...wow that's amazing! LOL!

  • So what's next in the sequence? 1P,2O,3N,4M,5L....?

  • Haha fantastic you. Keep going it will be 7K soon. I am back home where the weather is lousy so did not run for a few days. I miss it so much but don't like cold and wet. Maybe tomorrow......

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