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Roll on tomorrow

For the last 21 years after leaving the RAF I have spent my life in hotels and airports in corporate sales.

120+ flights a year turning left as you enter the plane rather than turning right. Nice hotels with nice bars and restaurants.

All have taken their toll on the belt notches and blood pressure.

I have had 21 years of people being nice to me when they don't really care about me or how I feel. They are just being polite because they are paid to be.

I used to laugh and snort when I saw people jogging. All sweaty and puffing whilst I was sat somewhere having steak and a nice wine at lunch.

To me, a fitness room in a hotel was a well disguised place as I certainly never saw one.

I am in California on business for 19 days.

Each lunch is in a restaurant. Each evening is in a restaurant.

I had been trying to keep at 1,600 calories a day as well as my C25K the last 3 weeks. My daily walking is around 8km.

My lunch today was nearly 1,200cal!!!

I'm sat in a board room all day in a company somewhere.

Just over 3 weeks ago I made the decision to change.

Previously the most I used to run was a bath.

Now I hate the rest days.

I now find solace in a forum full of mad sweaty wobbly middle aged jofflers. Who laugh and encourage and ignore others failures and focus on their achievements.

Who pull people up rather than run over the top of them.

Who help people along rather than leave them behind.

Somewhat different to the corporate world.

We all learn something on this journey.

For me it has taught me more than just about my own limits. It has been good. Almost spiritual (if I was in any way spiritual).

Tomorrow we start at 0630 and go straight through with food brought in. Normally stodgy food that bloats you without filling you.

My alarm is set for 0440 so I can get out and do W4R3 before I lose a day of death by PowerPoint.

At the end of nearly 4 weeks when I look at how far I have come and the things I have learned, it's not just about the running.

Thank you all you bunch of sweaty jofflers.

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Keep up the good work GingerBohemian (love the username!). ;)


A super post... honesty, determination and Positivity!!! Just the kind of post we need to convince and support folk on this fantastic journey,

I love being included in, " ...a forum full of mad sweaty wobbly middle aged jofflers.".... I wish it were so :) An Old Snail... having terrific fun.

You are doing wonderfully... I love the early runs.. although 5 a.m. is my earliest running time, MichaelH070862 is a regular, crack of dawn runner!!!

You are going to have a head start on the day.. revitalised and refreshed... ready to take on Power-Point and all it hurls at you.

Okay...Tomorrow had better watch out! It is the end of Week 4 and the prospect of Week 5 ahead!

Remember, all the way through, that you are ready for each and every run... take it, as ever, slowly and steadily and do not be phased by any aspect of it...trust the programme and know, that you will do the runs.

Have a great day :)


This is a brilliant post. Puts the spirit on this forum into perspective. Makes you think! I hope running relieves the symptoms of death by PowerPoint and that you become a lean businessman who can bring a bit of of this forum into the corporate world. God knows we need it!

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I've done that travelling life and it's a killer. I started to feel uprooted and distanced from everything, everything was second place to the deal or mission or whatever, no me time no family time, not really. I wish I had known then about exercise and how it centres and connects you. You have more energy too. Good luck. I find there can be healthy options on the menu but sometimes socially it's hard to choose them, especially for men (women are "allowed" to have salads, but guys have to have the "red meat" option...). Keep it up, you'll make better decisions for your business and your life.


You are doing great! Keep going!

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Fab post. Gawd I hated those days, all that stodgy food and no exercise. And trying to stay awake during the presentations 😴😴😴

Well done you for making the change - it'll be one of the best things you'll ever do for your health and sanity.

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What an inspiring post!

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Woo Hoo, great stuff!


From a proud sweaty jollfer to another welcome to this wonderful world. πŸ˜€. I have friends who live your lifestyle and it is so hard to find balance. Well done for getting up this morning and getting out, I hope your day is actually better than you hope for. πŸ˜€.

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Well done on making the change, you will feel so much better for it. I graduated recently and am so proud to get out running and feel sorry for those in the restaurant with the steak and wine :)

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