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Back at it

Back at it

A combination of Ibuprofen and heat gel eased the neck pain but a soft hotel bed meant wide awake by 0424.

Nothing else for it. May as well get dressed and go for a run.

Copenhagen waterfront is a beautiful place at 5.15 in the morning.

But as I seem to find these days, anywhere is a beautiful place if I am running and taking in the sites.

Field or city. Sunshine or rain. Big city or little village.

Didn’t think I would be saying that when I started the C25K back at the start of August!!

So for those just starting, take it slow and enjoy it.

For those approaching W5R3 , you can do it. Just slow down.

For those on W6, watch for the W5 banana skin!

For those running for the podium, well done! You’ve done it.

Happy Friday everyone.

Enjoy the journey.

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Beautiful photo! I visited Copenhagen last year and loved it, although it was pre-running days and so I never thought of seeing it at 5.15am - not that I'm good at seeing anywhere at that time even with the running! I love the idea but just can't seem to make it yet. Glad your neck is better.

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Fabulous! What have you done to your neck?

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Drying my head when I got out of the shower too vigorously and pinched a nerve or whatever it was. Could hardly walk yesterday never mind run.

Seems to be better today


Oh no, sounds sore! It's always doing the daft everyday things that we hurt ourselves, isn't it? Glad it's improving though.

I hacked at my finger last week by closing a kitchen drawer on it and for a moment thought I'd lopped the top off (I admit I did enjoy scaring the kids with my copiously bleeding hand). It's fine and healing well but I couldn't believe I'd hurt myself like that doing something as banal as closing a drawer I probably open and close a hundred times a day.


Sneezed once whilst lifting a coffee mug to drink from and head butted the rim of the mug and broke my nose :)


Oh good lord! I think that takes the biscuit!


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