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Newbie - week 1 run 2 completed

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Hi there, just thought I'd say hello and introduce myself 😁.

I'm a typical couch potato, not massively overweight but like most people could do with losing a few pound and toning up. However the main reason I'm doing this is to relieve anxiety/alter my mood and to challenge myself. Anything else is a bonus!

I'm 42, not exercised properly probably ever if I'm honest (apart from the dash on the school run and forty laps round the block with a crying baby in a pram) πŸ˜„.

Started week 1 run 1 three days ago and I honestly underestimated how hard it would be. I struggled. However I did it and felt amazing afterwards!

Run 2 done yesterday and found it much easier, hardly any aches today. Can't wait to do run 3! Bring it on! Feeling very motivated and I look forward to reading all your posts.

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Good stuff! It's a fantastic programme. I started back in mid-Sept, borderline overweight/obese. I found the first few weeks really tough but really rewarding too.

Keep pushing yourself through the runs... it's well worth it.

Thank you Simon, seems to be a lot of help and encouragement on here, glad I found this place.


Go for it Kezz! Well worth it!


Youre doing great Kezz, keep going ! :-) xxx

How did everybody find it at first? I found by downloading some really good tunes really helped!

The day after my first run I really ached, in fact wasn't sure that one day in between would be enough to recover but surprisingly I felt OK yesterday to tackle the second run.


Well done Kezz! And I agree - good tunes make all the difference.....

I find running really helpful for low mood and anxiety (and stress - and being bad-tempered after a rotten day at work - and for increased energy!) Hope it has the same effect for you!


Good for you for starting and pushing through a hard first day. I am at the end of Week 7 and was thinking today how hard I was breathing on those first 60 second runs - and how now I can run 25 minutes without feeling out of breath. So it really does work.


Excellent for mood lifting. Go for it. This programme is excellent. It gets easier and more enjoyable as you go along. Keep us posted with your progress


Hi, I've just started too. I'm 38 and overweight, I'm 10lbs into getting 2 stone off, slowly but surely. My first run was hard but I could do it, like you I loved the feeling of achievement afterwards and it seems endorphins really do exist! I'm doing this to improve my fitness, lose weight and to help with low mood. It's nice to find someone at a similar stage as me and I look forward to following your progress x

Morning! Thanks for the encouraging posts and to other newbies - we will do this!

Going to try for wk 1 run 3 today if the rain keeps off. Just hard fitting it in with child off school, husband's silly shift pattern to work round etc but I might take the child along, he's nearly eight and came with me last time and thought it was a right novelty!

Next week will have to be done in the dark evenings as I'm back at work.

Well done pumpkin on your weight loss, that is a fantastic achievement!

I too am a c25k virgin & did my week 1 day 1 run yesterday! I felt OK to be honest except for my knees - I'm 51 & found that my knees felt like they weren't bending enough😱 It was more of a shuffle than a run - is this normal for a true couch potato & will it get easier? Apart from that, I felt soooo proud that I'd completed my first step - I actually cried when I got home, how strange is that! Thanks to you all on here, so glad I found this group😁

I didn't have knee pain but I did have groin pain, well the joints at the top of my legs if that is my groin lol! They felt really sore but I didn't have this problem on my second run so hopefully you will be ok.

Was gonna do my third today but it's pouring down with rain 😑. I've three days to do run three so maybe I'll see what weather is like later. I can't imagine it's much fun running in the rain.

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I too had pain in that area after my first run. And still ached there on my rest day after but aches and pains had all gone on the third day so second run went will. Had no probs on my third run either. But my left calf has started achin over the weekend, typical! Am doing week 2 run 1 today and am hoping my calf wont be too bad.

Good luck with your third run. We can do it. :)


Well done and welcome! Similar story, 45, never a serious exercise devotee but time to make changes so off I went. Almost graduated this week but came down with flu after my first run of Week 9 (dammittt!) so am going to try and complete either this coming week or the one after if I've really lost my mojo! Surprising how addictive this becomes. Good luck and looking forward to hearing how you progress :-)

Well done Sally and Kezz, the weeks fly by, personally I find that I have to go whatever the weather as I know from a previous attempt 6 months ago that 1 missed day becomes 2 then 3, then you give up as you feel the next day will be too hard.

Skin is waterproof and you're not going to die of hypothermia in 30 minutes lol. It's also a new experience and takes your mind off the run. I got a brand new Karrimor rain jacket from the charity shop for Β£3 and if it's raining I wear a cap. Then again I live in Suffolk so the rain is not too bad.

I've found that since finishing week 3, I actually Want to go out for the next session, yes it's hard, yes sometimes you repeat a day, but the feelgood factor is amazing.

Hi Kezz well done for starting c25k it is a great program and totally acheivable. You don't have to think of it in weeks just stages. You must complete each stage 3 times before moving on to the next and must leave at least one day rest between runs.

So don't get too hung up about fitting it all in. You may be starting a new 'week' on any day, and its ok

to repeat a stage until you feel ready to move on.

Im 55 and it took me seven months to finish the course but I enjoyed every run, looked forward

to it and can now run for over 30 mins with no problems.

Good luck and keep posting your progress ...:)

I actually cannot believe that one day I might be able to run for thirty minutes! I mean really,! Seems impossible to imagine but I've every confidence in the plan 😁

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I know. I didn't think I could run for 5mins without collapsing in a breathless heap and wetting myself!! Its surprising how it all starts to work by just following the plan. Take it steady, don't need to run fast and remember to stretch afterwards. Your breathing will improve in time, honestly. X

Kezz not MIGHT...... WILL

Haha did that sound like Yoda? Think not might.... Know will Young jedi

Week 1 run 3 complete - boom! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

Well done kezz, that feeling of achievement gets better every run, keep ticking them offπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Keep up the good work!

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