Pesky Week 7

Monday I attempted W7R1 and was very optimistic after getting through W6R3 and really enjoying it. Well wasn't I brought back down to earth with a bump! Struggled from the start and managed about 8-9 mins running before having to stop and just power-walked the rest of the way through the podcast.

Tuesday I tried again and used the podcast from W6R3 with it being the same run (but better music!) and JUST managed to keep my legs going for long enough to complete but also clutching onto the treadmill for dear life most of the way through.

Today, I tried again.

I decided to ditch Laura (sorry!) and opted for YouTube running anthems 2017 instead. It was harder than W6R3 I'm not going to lie but compared to the last couple of days it felt so much better! I can only assume that having my taste in music playing, spurred me on a lot more and made it more enjoyable so therefore easier to complete?

It's suggested that by Week 7, treadmill running can get a bit monotonous and you should try outside. I've done this a couple of times and to me it's a lot harder as I can't pace myself as well so never seem to be able to run as far. Has anyone completed just using the treadmill and/or have any advice?


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  • I started the programme on the treadmill, and like you was worried I wouldn't be able yo pace my running appropriately or cope with the great outdoors. Then one day my daughter persuaded me to go for a run (round about Week 7) with her, but she refused to run indoors. I reluctantly accompanied her, but was then hooked.

    Outdoors is different, and I still need my music to keep me going. But it's great. I use mapmyrun to tell me how fast I'm running, but before I graduated I realised the speed wasn't important, just duration. However I soon got into my own comfortable running speed.

    I can honestly say I love running outdoors and would find it really hard to run the longer distances on a treadmill. I would miss the changing scenery and terrain .

  • Weeks 7, 8, 9 are all about finding the way that running works for you, in my opinion. It's a huge mental game about how bored you will be vs how tough it is to do those uninterrupted runs. The urge to just not go is strong, even though physically you can do the running. New playlists, new channels, there are virtual running environments for treadmills (BitGym is one some people use that I've seen on other forums).

    I agree outdoor running is different and you can't control the pace. I think that's OK -- your pace doesn't really need controlling IMO -- you speed up and slow down as you like as long as you run for 25 minutes (then 28, then 30). Outdoor can be one way to vary your workout. I myself really don't like gyms, I much prefer outdoor exercise.

  • Outdoors has the benefit of wider interest and in the summer you cannot beat it. Winter isn't so easy as I personally hate running in the dark/ rain / damp/ cold. #fairweatherrunner. Our gym has a tv with subtitles on, as long as I run straight I can focus on that. Also you don't have to ditch Laura! If you use the app you can use your own music.

  • Shivani05 is our treadmill Queen. Check out her posts, she has graduated and is full of useful advice. At this stage I think you start working out what type of running is for you - to transition straight to outdoors is hard, not least because you can't control the outdoors environment.

    Good luck and happy running whichever method you choose

  • I've done upto wk 7 on treadmill and thought would do wk7 outdoors ready for 1st park run next week. It's sooooo different. I've gone back to wk6 and am having to push to keep going. Hills/wind/traffic all add another dimension! Couldn't have got this far without treadmill tho!

  • I stuck with the treadmill and have just completed week 8. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you've gone through what I assumed would be the issues for me. I'm going to complete on the treadmill and then work on my speed to get through 5k before trying outside I think 😊

  • That's what I tried to do, on treadmill I do 25mins easily, I can even speed up for last 5 mins but outside that's gone out the window!

  • It's been outside for me all the way to week 8 but I have had to change my route in the dark. I ran in the rain Tuesday and loved it!

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