Week 7 struggles

Week 7 struggles

So ... I went for my first 'proper' outdoor run on Monday, should have been Week 7 R1 ... but failed miserably. Only jogged just over 8 minutes then walked and jogged the rest. Maybe it was because I'm used to running on the treadmill where the pace is constant, but anyway I was fairly gutted.

Anyway, tried again yesterday with the pace of a limping tortoise and managed to do it ... but after 19 minutes was on count-down all the way - certainly couldn't have speeded up at the end, was more ready to collapse! Hopefully it will get better as I run more outside - so chalking this one up as a cautious and muted success!


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  • I tried running on a machine two weeks ago and found it really difficult! I suppose that it is just what you get used to.

    You have just got to keep on going and you will achieve your goal

  • Thanks for the encouragement, I hope so! Yes, I am hoping it was the change that caused the problems and if so, that should improve the more I run outside!

    Good luck with whatever you are up to now you have graduated!

  • Well Iam a tortoise so welcome to my world! I think you should call this run a big success, because you completed it. Not sure where you live, but where Iam it is really muggy - I like to think I will lose weight as Iam a sauna-on-legs during my run! :)

  • Thanks, Holly - I am naturally pessimistic but am trying to look at the positives - at least I completed it. Live in Lancashire which is not normally gifted with good weather but exceptionally muggy this week. Oh yes, I am always sweaty and red-faced from the off anyway, whatever the weather! Not sure whether I will complete it all in the timeframe as I am going on holiday to the South of France the week after next and fear it may be too hot for running - although as you say perhaps that may mean I lose a few pounds!

    Good luck with whatever you are up to now ... and well done for graduating! :)

  • Yes, Lancs definitely has the muggy factor at the moment - I really suffered on my run this morning!

  • I know, so hot! Feels like it will thunder soon - perhaps a more refreshing time to go for a run!

  • You finished and that' s all that matters! I've run outside from the begining but lots of folks who switch from treadmill to outside seem to find it tough at first, especially pacing. I suspect you might have galloped off too fast first time and worn yourself out. Might be worth looking at some of the other threads for hints and tips!

  • Thanks, Pingle. I am just a bit envious of everyone who has speeded up at the end! My speed is somewhere between slow and stop anyway, but I did slow it to a crawl yesterday which I guess is why I managed to finish it. As you say I think it is probably because you never have to think about pacing on the treadmill once you have set the speed - unless you feel like going faster (not something which usually happens to me)!

  • The bit when Laura says you can speed up if you're feeling good (can't remember which week) would have brought on hollow laughter if I had enough breath! I think I actually did call her something rude. My thinking is it's better to finish even if the snails are whizzing past. I did week 9 last week and am experimenting with doing some of the early interval runs but faster. We'll see how it goes! Hang in there - you're doing brilliantly! :-)

  • Thanks, Pingle! I can only speed up - I certainly can't go any slower! Good luck, keep us updated! :)

  • Congratulations you can now run inside or out, I cant do the treadmills at all. Have tried a couple of times as it would be better in the winter months up here in the far north of Scotland. but it just doesnt happen, I feel dizzy and off balance!! Whats the secret of treadmill running?

  • Thanks, Oldgirl! They are definitely useful when it is horrible outside. No secret really - just start really slowly ... even just walk for the first few times just to get used to the weird sensation and stopping and starting the treadmill just to reassure yourself you can get off when you want to without falling off the end! It does take a little while to get used to, when I first started I held on to the bars for the first few weeks - I could sense people in the gym looking at me curiously! but it's OK to do that if it makes you feel more secure! :)

  • I think we should start a tortoise club - I get overtaken by the slugs when I run and I doubt very much at week 9 if I will be running 5k in 30 minutes or just 5ft!! But all of us slow people out there are still doing it and that's what counts. C25K is a mental exercise as well as a physical one.

  • You are so right, Laj! I don't think I can get any slower and I certainly won't be running (or jogging) 5k in 30 minutes anytime soon! But ... it's not just about the speed, it's about getting out there and doing it anyway you can. There are lots of us tortoises out there and I agree about the club! :)

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