W8D1 Finally I conquered YOU!

W8D1 - YAHOOOO!!! After having to go back to week 6 a couple of times, I tried to do W8D1 on Saturday (which is where I should have been but regressed a little) and I had to walk 2 times throughout the 28 minutes. I tried it again on Sunday and DID IT! I can't believe it! It was truly mind over matter because I kept looking at the time. I told myself to go at least halfway to 14 minutes before walking. Then I told myself to get to do another 5 minutes. By the time I was convincing myself to go a little further I ran the entire 28 minutes without stopping. My face was as red as my shirt but I did it! For those getting discouraged at times - press on! If I can do it, you can too!!!


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  • I too have repeated week 7 a few times as I didn’t manage to run non stop (slowed to a walk each time for 30seconds-1minute, sometimes once and sometimes more) felt such frustration for not managing it! I do realise it’s mind over matter tho. I’m gunna stick at 25 mins until I do it three times but thanks for your post, it helps to know you are not alone when u struggle!

  • I did the "slowing to a walk" several runs and thought I'd never get past it. I think having good music helps. I had a radio station on during my other runs but they have a lot of commercials and your mind starts wandering. This time I played something on Pandora and that helped. Next I have to figure out how to develop a playlist to help me continue on longer runs.

  • Way to go! Massive well done!! 🎉🎉

  • Thanks! 😁

  • Well done for seeing it through

    A post that helped me was about sustainable pace, running at a pace that you can sustain for the time required and it sounds as though this could help you.

    If you are struggling to run for the time required you are running to fast/trying to hard, slow it down a little get down to snail pace and then knock it down another gear

    There's your sustainable pace, was a real eureka moment for me and suddenly made running easier.

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you!

  • Very well done.. slow and steady as you go onward and upward to that podium:)

  • Thanks!!!

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