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I'm sorry Laura I used a rude word :-(

W8R1 this morning, and for the first time I was running in the almost daylight as I've a day off today and I treated myself to no alarm (it usually goes off at 5.30).

Does Laura have Fergies big watch? It was the longest 28 minutes in history, only 14 minutes done - are you sure? When it came to the only one minute left I'm ashamed to say I told Laura to 'do one' only those weren't the words I used (hangs head in shame). I had intended to stick with Laura through the full nine weeks but I'm sorry, IMHO her music stinks. So my task before my next run is to cobble together some of my favourite tunes into a 28 minute playlist.

On a positive note, I now know I can juffle (love that word) for 28 minutes, and merely have to do the same again two more times.



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Ah poor Laura, just as well she cant answer back! Well done for getting to W8, i am only on W3 but getting behind due to new job and being very tired. Good luck for your graduation, Ed.


I think a few of us have shouted abuse at Laura during our nine weeks ;-) And yes, Laura's watch is from a different time zone to ours! I found it easier when I switched to my own music - both for the better (IMO) music and no time -checks from Laura (I found them distracting).


hehe naughty Jax! Well done for getting through it though :) Think we've all had a go at poor Laura at some point. Love the new word "juffle" I may have to adopt that! All the best for the rest of the week.


He he -I just did Stamina for the second time and have my "favourite" Laura comment.....this after about 33 minutes of Stamina, so hard work and only 2 minutes left "don't forget your posture - stand up straight and look ahead" or something of that nature. At this point I'd almost lost the will to continue so posture was the last thing on my mind!

Keep running - you're in week 8 so not much longer to go now :-)


Laura could be on thin ice with comments like that.


Well done!!!!! I'm sure Laura knows we love her even if we may say a rude word now and then. ;-) Can you believe you are only a few runs away from that green badge? Wishing you continued success! Gayle


I am shocked. I am a prolific swearer, but the worst I've ever said to Laura is "nooooooooooo".


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