Slowly you say?

Well, for the first time ever I tracked my run. Nobody can say I went too fast! In 28 minutes I shuffled 2.8 km at an average of 6 kph 😂 i did have a maximum speed of 11 kph. I reckon that was at 27:45 minutes!!! I think I should probably try to go a little faster, now I know I can run 28 minutes ( even if the first 20 are horrible!) what do you think ?


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14 Replies

  • Ooh froggyrunner, I dare not say. My speed guide is the oldflossometer . But if it feels really fine, just a tiny bit is probably okay. I am saying this with fingers crossed. Have you ever tried typing with crossed fingers?

  • I think all the time I hadn't tracked I thought I was slow but ok. The cold (I wish ) hard truth is that I am very slow. Maybe I should have called myself snail and not frog 😂. Well I'll see if I think I can speed up on Saturday ...

  • It sounds as though you could give it a try. You know that you can slow it down again if you need to. Just keep enjoying it.

  • Enjoying 😂. It goes from hating to not not hating!!!! I live in hope of enjoying it! I might give it a try just a tad quicker... if it's too hard, I'll go back to snail pace 🐌

  • I know exactly how you feel! It's all a big old struggle from start to finish.... but I can't stop doing it and I look forward to the next time... which I know I'm gonna hate! Twisted 😂

  • Exactly!!!

  • Shuffling is fine! No need to push. You can go quicker when your running legs are built. Til then I'd carry on slowly

  • Might be slow.. but I ran 28 minutes !!!!!! Thanks miss wobble

  • 28 minutes! Yay, well done 💪🏃‍♀️✔️😃

  • Reading your post again, I notice that you have tracked your run for the first time - how were you feeling before you "knew" how fast you were going? Are you baffling yourself with too much information? Perhaps you should just take pleasure in what you are achieving and ignore the numbers which are only that. What are you comparing them with? It sounds to me as though you are doing just fine and that you should doing what you can and let the numbers go.

  • I think that's brilliant! I'm like you with the timing but have just about come to terms with my slowness as I know I'm building stamina and having reached W7 (just) I feel tremendous achievement

  • Speed and pace come later, carry on as you have been until after you graduate. You really don't need the added pressure of upping your pace this close to the end, you will be more likely to injure yourself if you try to do that so please look after yourself. You are doing great as it is.

  • Right. I'll carry on shuffling until I graduate, then I'll reevaluate/ make a plan !!

  • Speed.. who needs it :) You are doing fine :) Slow and steady is the way to get to where you want to be.... all in good time:)


    I am the snail.. you have to be the frog :)

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