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Just started Couch to 5k advice

Just after a bit of advise guys, just started out on the couch to 5k. Don’t feel I did to bad nearly managed to complete all the minute runs !!

What does every body eat / drink pre and post run?

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Don't change your diet to do C25k, especially rewarding yourself with a little treat because you exercised. A good diet with a broad range of ingredients is best.

You will generally have plenty in reserve to do the C25k runs if you have eaten normally.

Hydration is a different matter. The NHS recommends you drink 1.2litres per day. If exercising you need considerably more. I drink in excess of twice that recommendation, running or not. That fluid needs to be taken in regularly throughout the day, not in drought and flood style. Poor hydration leads to tiredness, heavy legs and muscle aches, simply because your blood is thicker and cannot transport oxygen as easily.

It is recommended to leave at least a couple of hours after a heavy meal and an hour or so after a light meal. Most of my runs are first thing in the morning before breakfast, so I have a pint of fluid and half a banana immediately before a 5k run. This does not work for everybody, so experiment.

Enjoy your running.

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Is that really the NHS recommendation? That is terribly low. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine specify an adequate intale as 2.7litres for women and 3.7 for men. (@helenwheels look: references!)


That's what comes up when you Google it. Frighteningly low for a runner.

Who the hell are N.A.S.E.M?

Alright, I'm looking..............


Yeah I just found their homepage, Rigs. Are they your "go to" resource for everything?


I agree, no need to change your diet to do C25k; you don't need extra snacks or anything. I don't eat for at least two hours before exercise otherwise I can feel it sloshing around inside me!

But i do drink regularly throughout the day and down at least half a pint of water or sugar free squash about ten minutes before I head out for a run. I don't like carrying stuff with me (eg water bottle) but this little hydrating boost seems to do the trick!

Enjoy yourself and don't worry, you'll be amazed by you! I know I certainly was! 😁

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Thanks for all the reply’s. definitely need to up my water intake during the day. Been out this morning redid c25k run 1 and managed to get through all the minute sections ok 👍


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