I bought some £30 trainers when I began, as I wasn’t sure I’d keep on running...but I plan to buy some better ones once I get to the end of C25k (a week away).

I don’t have a big budget and would like to pay less than £100 for a better pair. Can anyone recommend how to go about choosing the next pair? Is gait analysis worth the£20 that my local sports shop want to charge me? All suggestions / experience welcome!


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  • Hi Mick, I had my gait analysis done at The sweat shop and they did it for free, I found it useful as when they looked at how I was landing they picked up on the fact I was landing to one side and were able to recommend shoes that support the foot and stop role, which when re-analysed, rolling had gone. It also picks up on other stuff and it did help in choosing the right trainers, which when spending that amount of cash made sense to me. My trainers cost £70, cheaper than I was planning.. so bonus

  • I was doubtful about gait analysis, suspecting it was just a marketing ploy, The video of me wearing the suggested shoes showed my ankles and knees in perfect vertical alignment, whereas before my knees were to the outside of my ankles. Also I was pushing off from my inner toes, rather than my small toes before. This all made perfect mechanical sense and could not have been assessed in any other way.

    I went to Runners Need who don't charge for the gait analysis. Obviously it is only as good as the operative who carries it out, but I am a convert now and would recommend every new runner does it. Take your old shoes with you and be prepared to run for a couple of minutes.

  • Most running shops won't charge the £20 fee for gait analysis if you buy the shoes at the time from the shop. The reason why they charge £20 is because some used go into a running shop, get a free gait analysis and then buy the shoes online. But if you buy the shoes there and then they will wave the gait analysis fee. Also ask for shoes from last years range, you might get a good deal. Also tell them what your budget is.


  • Some good advice... IannodaTruffe makes some useful points :)

  • No, don't pay for gait analysis, I bought new shoe's earlier this year and it was free at up and running, should have gait analysis done every time you buy new running shoes as feet can change..

  • Don't get coerced into buying expensive insoles though, ie from Sweatshop 😯

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