W2R2- wearing the right trainers

just completed W2R2 only this time I was wearing proper pair or running trainers. I cannot emphasize the importance of good trainers. My previous runs caused me a lot of calf pain and some shin pain too but after wearing these trainers I had no pain whatsoever.I am also 4 stone overweight. Rest day tomorrow then the final W2 run on Fri. Bring it on

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  • Did your new trainers come with wings for your ankles too? LOL Good shoes just make everything go sooooo much better, don't they?

    Enjoy your running!

  • alas no wings but they do have go faster stripes and they glow in the dark too!

  • Well done you are doing great - I totally agree the correct trainers are key

  • i agree ton also the socks, the proper running socks feel like running on air x

  • too*

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