Dont Stop me Now... weirder things are happening again

Oh my God I enjoyed today’s run SO much! For the first time in ages everything came together. Well, not at first, I was late and was mahoooosively peed off with myself because I could only manage 25 mins of running, if I didn’t want to be late for work (my mornings are military down to the last second). Up to a week ago I would’ve given anything to only be doing 25 mins. Should I just leave it until tomorrow and do 30 mins then? Should I heck!

It was windy but warm, off I set, no Mr and Mrs Spaniels to be seen, all was good…. and it stayed that way! Nothing hurt, ached or twanged. No blowing my nose 17 times and keeling over from lack of oxygen. No staggering or stumbling, no hard foot pounding. No dodgy breathing. All was calm, all was right. Yes there were a few 90s tennis player type grunts (they just escape my mouth, I have no control over them at all…). Plus I was able to string an entire, coherent sentence together to a lovely dog walker, who understood every word.

These weren’t the only weird things happening to me, my pace has really picked up. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t keep up pace on each lap of my run. One lap takes 5 mins and I was getting slower and slower every time. Today, I was speeding up with each lap (although it didn’t feel like it and I wasn’t trying), to the point that on my last lap I was a third of the way round again before Sarah chimed in (Wk 9 on repeat for the last 2 months!). Everything came together today. Weird but wonderful!

Freddie was in my ear ‘Don’t stop me now’ - another timely song choice - and although I don’t quite think the lyrics are actually about running…. they were just what I needed and made me smile. Who doesn’t love Freddie… Can’t wait to get back out there!! :)


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20 Replies

  • Oh Fishypieface i am so happy to read this...I’m so proud of you, you have come so far...& you’ve had ‘one of those runs’ one of those that feels of those runs that tells you that you are doing well...& you are...this is a brilliant run..& will carry you on to your next run....I’m so happy for you, very well done xx

  • Ah thanks! Just hope the next run's the same! I could do with a few more like that. I've been dreaming of running today. Isn't bizarre isn't it?!! xx

  • Those are the days ... the ones that give us momentum 👌🏻

    🏃🏼‍♀️🐶🎉🎉🎉🎉 super run well done you

  • Yep, the ones that make it all worthwhile! Thank God and about time! If you hang on in there, it comes to you in the end! :)

  • Am holding in to this post!! 😊

  • Fantastic...what a way to.start your day 😊

  • Genius! Goodbye Mr & Mrs Spaniels, hello Fishypieracer!

  • Brilliant. Sounds perfect 👌 Glad you are avoiding Mrs Spaniels 😂

  • Oh my, lass, you've cracked it! It happened to me when I was running up and down the top bit of our drive (teeming rain, howling gale, only flat bit for miles). I suddenly thought 'this is absolutely fab' - out of nowhere. Rain was teeming into my eyes, dripping off my fringe, my fingers were blue and I was grinning like a mad thing. Funny old thing this running!! Well done. Hang onto those thoughts!!

  • Love it, yes! It is a funny old game, I haven't quite fathomed it out yet but I hope I'm getting there :)

  • I've not fathomed it either, but I'm absolutely loving it. Some days it's so difficult, but the rest of the days make up for it and it's getting easier. And the sheep seem to be getting used to me thundering past. 😊

  • It's crazy, how can we love something that's so difficult?!!! And crave to go back for more?!!! It's a first for me, but I'll gladly take it :)

  • I know. It makes me feel I might have willpower after all!

  • She's got that running feeling 🎵

    What a great post fishypieface😊...

    So pleased for you. Well done.x

  • Thank you! On the up with a bit of luck! :)

  • I love, love, love this post 😊 Long may it continue.

    I ran in the park last night and, as it was dark and my running buddy wasn't joining me, my husband came out for a wander with the dog to 'protect' me 🙄 After my run he said he couldn't see me running round the perimeter but he knew where I was at all times because he could hear me gasping for breath 😂

  • Haha! You are not alone! Was that the first time he's 'seen' you run? I bet he was proud of you :) When I was running in my garden everyone was banned from the back of the house!! Poor s*ds! At least I'm out in the wild now and they can come and go as they please! :)

  • I honestly thought my breathing was quite controlled. Clearly not 😱

    Yes, it was the first time he'd seen me in 'action', and I actually started off feeling weirdly self conscious. Of all the things I could feel self conscious about in front of my husband.... running..... really..?? 🙄😂

    He was proud of me, which was good to hear.

    Haha, I can just imagine one side of your house having the curtains shut whilst your family were chained to radiators on the opposite side of the house 😂😂 Whatever it takes..!! 😉

  • That's just a normal day in our house!! :) :) :)

  • 😂😂😂

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