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Well, that was interesting!

I posted earlier but it doesn't seem to have appeared! Anyway..

I took the plunge this evening. Put headphones on, beach wasn't TOO busy so told myself if others can do it, I can.

I did the brisk 5 min walk, then the running bit - I had to stop after ten seconds as I just couldn't breathe! Had my Ventolin with me, sat down for five, and wrote here - was really angry and upset I couldn't even jog gently for 30 secs. Calmed down, looked around and started Laura again - and managed the whole 30 secs!

In all I managed three sections of the 30 second runs, was unable to walk briskly in between, but stood and breathed and walked gently. I had to finish after that, I was really exhausted, plus my calf muscle is really painful, like cramp.

Questions please. Is it ok to alter the prog slightly if there are health issues?

How can I avoid the painful muscle (hour later still can't put my foot down flat)

And ladies with extra weight and big boobs (like moi), what to do about bras? I'll end up with concussion!😆 I am large, any suggestions for bras that can contain the girls?

Thanks for your patience!

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Sorry you're struggling. Tonight i had to stop during the walks twice to stretch my calves and still having bother with one. Hope some rest will help. Maybe ice and elevation will help ease yours?

I find asdas padded teeshirt bras (fitting snuggly) help me more than sportsbras. And they're only £6 for 2!

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Go as slow as you need to and if you don't complete a workout, then have a rest day (CRUCIAL) and then try again, nice and slow. Eventually you will complete it and move on to the next one. YOU are in control.

Stretch after every run. Try these nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

You might find that running on grass is easier than a beach. Firm wet sand is fine but anything that is beginning to dry is going to be energy sapping.

Well done on making a start. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! BELIEVE!!!

PSI will leave the other question to the ladies......

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Blindfaith good on you for getting started. The first few weeks are the hardest, especially if like me your fitness levels were poor from years of inactivity. I repeated week 1, and would have continued to repeat it until I felt comfortable with it.

It will take time for your legs to get used to the shocks of running, and for your fitness levels to improve. It is really important that you don't injure yourself so be very gentle and take things slowly and then slower still. I had to put ice packs on my shins after every session to start with.

Obviously don't run if it is painful and seek medical advice from your GP. But if you can manage it keep doing the segments (repeating if necessary) to build strength and get your body used to it.

Don't worry too much about the briskness (or lack of it) during the walking segments, you can improve this as you feel able.

You managed several 30 second runs. Wow, fantastic. Focus on that and if you feel able repeat it after a days rest. Move on to the next session when you can. No prizes for whizzing through the programme. BIG prizes for improving your fitness and general health.

We are here to support you through it. Unfortunately, I am not best placed to recommend a good bra :P

(PS - Running on sand can be tough)


I have a bra from M&S, they contain my (huge breastfeeding) puppies! I got fitted and it's 2 pack of their branded sports bras!


1. Sand is really hard to run on!

2. Adapt the programme as much as you need to. Head over to the walking for health forum if you want to start by building up to being able to do a brisk walk without getting exhausted first. You can keep repeating any week as many times as you need to. One or two repeated week 1 multiple times and then blazed their way through the rest of the programme with no problems.

3. Check with a health professional if you have any concerns.

4. Lots of options out there for sports bras.

5. Most importantly, well done for taking the positive step and getting started. You've got a starting point - 3 x 30 second runs. You can go out next time aiming to repeat it and prove it wasn't a fluke, or aiming to do 4 which would be an improvement. The great thing about this programme is that you DO see improvement.


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