That was close!!!

First run using stepping stones this morning. Found it hard to run at the, what I felt was much slower, pace at beginning and middle of run. I had to stop however before last 5 min as had a severe stomach cramp and really, really, really thought I was going to c**p myself right there in the middle of the park! After a minute or two I managed to start up again and complete the run without the runs! Thanks to wrong route I was miles from home and last thing I needed was long walk but JUST made it home before nature took its course! Noticed that despite feeling incredibly slow most of the way I actually ran further in 30 mins than have before, 4.7 k, how did that happen? (did not move during my break so not the explanation).

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  • I haven't tried the stepping stones yet. I tried the speed one but not sure about it. Gland you made it home. I had a similar situation myself. I can tell you at the time it was the fastest mile I had run!

    S X

  • Oh dear! Could have been nasty! Well done for hanging on.

  • Know how Paula Radcliffe felt in the marathon now!

  • Hey stevo...well done you on Stepping Stones! What an honest post! I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago and, sad to say, the outcome for me was not as was horrible!! Mind you, I'll never drink coffee before a run again!!

  • My commiserations! I am trying to figure out if it was the food I eat or the differing pace on the run.

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