W4R3 - Nope!!

Must invest in waterproof top - not prepared to run in heavy raincoat! Run postponed. I know it’s only rain. But there are also other times when I am less likely to catch a cold! Extra day or two will help with aches too! For everyone brave enough .. enjoy your run today. Tomorrow looks good - away but been spending my morning run time researching some loop routes long enough to cover the 30 minutes.


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8 Replies

  • There's rain and there's a downpour. A nice sprinkle of light rain on a run is quite pleasant, but a deluge, no thanks I am with you there.

    Although I have to smile at your excuse that you could catch a cold from simply getting wet LOL

  • In the back of my mind I am aware that I am susceptible to these things. Two years ago I spent a Christmas in bed (2 weeks) with something stupid. I have to be careful at this time of year ... and it is after all what our Mothers always used to say to us!!! Resolved to take running gear with me for tomorrow as weather looks much healthier.

  • Avoid people rather than water, they are a much more likely source of a cold. Don't think anyone got a cold from taking a shower (legionnaires disease has been known but...)

    There is some evidence that if we come into contact with the cold virus, we can be more likely to develop a cold if we are cold. This is probably where our mums got the idea of getting a cold from not wrapping up. Personally I have never remained cold or even a normal temperature with a run (mind you I even managed to sweat in 13 degree water last night lol).

  • So what you are saying is - run in the rain - you are less likely to meet people in the rain when it is a lovely sunny day ;) ha ha.

    To be honest I love the rain - but running in it will come after I have done the sensible thing (which I should have done last weekend when I bought my running shoes) and got a waterproof jacket. Until then - it’s dry tomorrow.

  • Lol good point!

    I do like running in the rain, although a downpour is tricky for many reasons. I avoid waterproof jackets since I got one to cycle to college (years ago) and got wetter from the inside yuk!

  • A relative bought me one of those umbrella hats a few years ago!! I could give that a go :) good point on the jackets - need to be careful what I get!!

  • Get one pronto! 😃 Cheap as chips! A hooded one is a good idea. I have a dead thin, lightweight water resistant one which I wear to death. Running in the rain is fine. Get a cap as well!

    Enjoy your down time. Planning routes is such fun I use goodrunguide to plan mine as it shows foot paths too

  • Thanks will take a look at that

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