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W4R3, and what headphones?

I've just completed week four. I was worried about it because I got less sleep than usual last night (and ate too much chocolate) but it was a really good run! I only looked to the end of the run during the last minute of the final five minutes! The only thing I know about week five though is that it includes twenty minutes, and I'm terrified!

What earphones do you all use? I have some buds but they keep jumping out of my ears. I can't spend too much, but suggestions would be fantastic- thanks in advance!

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I have just bought some yurbuds. Pricy but they stick to me like glue!


I actually bought a pair of hook over your ear type ones after trying to run with ordinary ones (the ones that come free with your phone!) but they were useless and kept falling out, the hook over ear ones I got from...wait for it.....poundland heehee, theyre not very loud but they work fine so far so good anyway and ive had them for since starting and Im on week 8 :)

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Just buy a hat to keep your phones in place, any cheap headphones are good enough


I had this problem and used to use those hook over the ear type - but having teeny ears it still wasn't ideal and I had to try to tuck the top of my ears into my cap to stop them coming off too. And they hurt :(

Anyway - I now have the answer - Yurbuds. I love them and they are definitely worth the money. They stay in and you can even tug on the wire and they stay locked into your ears - amazing. (Plus they are guaranteed not to hurt).

They start at about £15


Headband over the earphones works

The ones that come with phones usually fall off my ears even if I am sitting still...

I find these good:​


Hmm... Yurbuds sound tempting, or perhaps I'll try some over-ear ones first though, particularly if you can get them from poundland!! Perhaps my dad will buy me some yurbud ones to show how proud he is that I'm running :P I'm not keen on the idea of a hat or headband though- I think I'd just overheat.


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