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W4R3 - It's getting better

The sky held a mackerel pattern of clouds which I knew meant something about the impending weather but I was buggered if I could remember what. I set out early enough to see the street lights flickering off and the blackbirds defiantly playing chicken with this 200lb jogger, seriously guys, it won't be pretty if you don't move.

About half way around and during one of the runs I noticed that my shorts keep riding up on my right leg and once noticed I had to keep pulling them down. I was pre-occupied with ideas about keeping the shorts in place, maybe sewing coins into the seam or running gangnam style, neither of which are very practical, when it occurred to me that the running wasn't too hard if shorts were able to distract me.

I enjoyed this morning's run and even had a bit extra at the end. During the warm down walk my body decided I urgently needed the bathroom so I ran out of necessity and without need for Laura's encouragement.

No doubt week 5 will challenge me again but that's what it's about and it's good to feel like you're progressing.

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Well done on completing week 4 Chewy, you're doing great! Isn't it incredible what the bladder can do for speed? :D


It is isn't it, the amazing thing is I'd have probably wet myself 4 weeks ago ;)


Well done, Chewy, sounds like you had a great run. Keep at it!


That's great Chewy and you're right, distraction makes ALL the difference... :-)

Now you have the awful W4 behind you! W5 is fun in comparison, even the music for runs 1&2 is better than usual. Or that's my opinion anyway!

Good luck!


Well done, Chewy! I've got this vision of you bounding along with a puzzled look on your face as you contemplate the shorts question.

I agree with Mitts about W4, it's horrible, weeks 5 and 6 are much better.


I'm looking forward to week 5, not perhaps the last run but certainly the first two feel within reach.


Chewy, you are doing great!!!! Amazing how a little distraction helps us get through each run! Week 5 will be a breeze for you with your great attitude! :-)


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