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Week 8 Run 2 after 6 day break

I found the first run of week 8 pretty hard going, and not at all enjoyable, which is probably why I found it easy to find reasons/be too busy to do the 2nd run. Hmmm.

Felt more positive this evening and went out for my run. I did think about starting week 8 again, but decided to do run 2, then the 3rd one on Wednesday and then if I was still struggling I could always do the 3rd run again on Friday.

But, I had a really good run! Woo hoo! I felt as if I was going slower, but when I uploaded the data from my Garmin I was going at pretty much the same pace as last week. Feeling good about my running again after a bit of dip. :) :) :)

Looking forward to 3rd run on Wednesday and starting week 9 on Friday. Yay!!!

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Sounds like you had a fab run. Looking forward to hearing about your graduation :)


Well done for getting back out there again and glad it went well to re-enthuse you.


Well done you! I am doing W8 R2 in the morning after a similarly sounding difficult 1st run. I must admit I have probably been dreading it more than I have any other run for a while so I am so pleased to hear how much better you found it. Hope the positive turn continues for you and not long now to the finish line!


I'm on week 8 run 3 I did a 6.5km race at the start of week 8 so that counts for run 1 right? Run 2 seemed easy after that .Good luck with the rest of your runs we might finish at the same time.


Yeah, some runs just don't feel good and I do feel that's the time I need an extra rest day or a change of route. Other runs are just brilliant!

You are so close now to finishing the plan and graduating. Well done!


Well done on getting back out there and having a really good run. You are pretty much on countdown to graduation now. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thanks for all your replies. :)

All this talk of graduation being close - I'm getting ridiculously excited about it! :)

The first time I went out, I would have stopped running after 40 secs I reckon, if it hadn't been for Laura urging me on. C25K is amazing!


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