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Urgh...horrid run. Week 7, run 2

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Horrible run today, didn't enjoy it one bit. It was bitterly cold this morning and I resented the 5 minute warm up (more like freeze up) walk. Then once I got into the run, my body basically complained the whole time, while my head did an internal monologue something along the lines of "this is horrible...never gonna be a runner...bugger it's cold...look at those two speedy men overtaking they're enjoying themselves...horrible...ok, concentrate....nope, still horrible..." and so on and on...til Laura said it was over and I walked home in a grumpy mood. You would think by now I'd learnt that I have to keep focus, wouldn't you?!

Well, at least I didn't stop!

Here's to the next run!

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You might have been grumpy but you did it. It shows you're determined! I hope you had a nice hot drink when you got home.


It sounds like you had a great run 2! Very jealous! Thanks for the encouragement, it's what I need. :)


The only really bad run is the one where you don't go out the door. So - a good run, then! :) My run today went a lot like that to start with, but it did get better in the end. :)

Determination will get you through! :D


Thanks! I hadn't thought about it that way, I got out the door! Yay! I ran! (it was just a grumpy run...!) :)


I might be asking you for a good route as I'm coming to near Auckland to visit my 'old' flat mate later this year! I was lucky today to have a sunny but not too hot day for running unlike most of the UK.


You've done really well to get as far as week 7 before you got a bad day. But you carried on - and you DID IT! Well done you!


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