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Week 2 completed!

Well much to my surprise I managed to complete week 2 yesterday! I found the second run of the week manageable however yesterday (run 3) was awful! I felt like my legs were made of lead and it was a real struggle getting through it - however I did manage.

I'm wondering if it's down to changing my running shoes? I decided to tell my mum (a very keen runner) that I was doing the C25K challenge and while chatting about it told her I was running in my Nike trainers (just general gym trainers), as she is a keen runner (and also a bit of a shoe hoarder) with the same size feet she actually had 3 pairs of unused all singing all dancing running trainers that she gave me!

So I wore a pair yesterday, and although they were comfy, nowhere hurt at all I felt like I couldn't move my legs! And I had aches in my legs from my knees downwards, could this possibly be from the new trainers? Do I just have to persevere and I will get used to them?

I'm going to try and attempt week 3 day 1 run today (although the thought of 3 minutes running seems completely impossible) and I'm just wondering if I should go back to my very comfy, very impractical old trainers!?

Any tips would be hugely appreciated!

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Hello there. 😊

First off, well done on getting through week two. You might not know it yet but starting C25K may well turn out to be life-changing, as it has for so many of us here. Things do become more manageable as time goes on, and as your confidence grows, which it most definitely will, so have a lil patience and you'll be fine. There will be runs that feel awful; we all get them regardless of our experience. I had one the other week that was an utter horror; we all get them. Pretty soon, as you progress through the program, you'll find that you have lots of good runs too. The real fun begins when you graduate, so hang on in there!

If you did W2R3 yesterday, wait while tomorrow before attempting W3R1, especially given the shoe issues you've mentioned. I know you're eager to get going, (we've all been there!) but rest days are as important as the running days.

The thing with running shoes is that there's no 'one size fits all'. The ones your mum, kindly, gave you may be brilliant but may not suit your running style. The best thing to do is to go to a running shop and get a gait analysis, where they'll see what type of shoe suits your running style best. Although as you get more experienced and have a few of these done, you'll find you stick with the pair of shoes that best suits you, but a bit of guidance is good. That said, new shoes do take some getting used to at first, especially in the beginning. I remember moving from a generic pair of trainers to my first pair of running shoes; of the stiff muscles! But eventually it eased. Two different pairs of shoes later I'm now on my third, almost pair four, of the same brand, just a newer model, of my first pair of running shoes. Running shoes are a minefield!

Of course three minutes running seems completely impossible, but I'm telling you now, you ***CAN*** do it, and furthermore, you ***WILL***. Take each run at a time and don't worry about future runs. When I started C25K back in March last year, the first 60 seconds nearly finished me off. And yesterday I ran a marathon. And this community is full of similar success stories. You're next for greatness!

Hope some of that helps!

Steve x


Thanks for your help Steve and HUGE congratulations on running your marathon.

I would really like to get a gait analysis done but can't afford any new trainers at the mo so will probably have to wait a few weeks and then hopefully will be able to get one done.

To be honest I had completely forgot about the rest day!! I am not hurting today (probably because I was so slow yesterday) so hadn't even given it a thought, but yes I think I'll leave the run until tomorrow - that gives me some time to prepare!!


Not a problem at all! 😊 And thank you soooo much. Everything aches, but it's worth it!

Give the new shoes from your mum another go; no harm in trying but if it becomes obvious that it's causing a problem, real discomfort and/or pain, try your old shoes again but as I said, it sometimes takes a lot of getting used to, at a time when your body is already coping with the new workload you're giving it.

That's definitely the right thing to do, having a rest day today; that's how the program is designed. I did all my C25K runs on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays but then a while after graduating I added a day and do Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday. With the next training program I start I'll be running five days per week, so as you can see, once you graduate and you get used to running, you've more freedom, and more fun too.

Good luck with the next run!

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I wouldn't bother with analysis or anything else. Its down to the fact this is all new to you. Believe me, my legs still hurt, sometime more than others. It is only getting your body used to it and nothing else. So, I certainly wouldn't worry.

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Well done for completing week 2! Do make sure that you take a rest day though, that's v important :-) I'm no expert re shoes but if you can have gait analysis at some point, that might be helpful. I had that done when I bought my first pair of proper running shoes a couple of months ago. I was running in old trainers and for me the new shoes really helped. Good luck with your next run!

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Well done! It does feel really tough at times, but you are a youngster, keep at it! It'll get easier as you go on, you will eventually reap the benefits of your effort's...

Try your usual trainers again, see if it feels better, then you'll know.

Would recommend you go into a sports shop like sports direct or Sweatshop and get some advice on gait analysis..like I did when doing c25k

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