W1R1 - every journey starts with a first jiggle!

I have been psyching myself up for W1R1 for a whole week and I almost chickened out. People might see me and laugh at me, I thought. How embarrassing! But I put on my new running kit and left the house. Nice motivating music but in my head I was screaming - I don't know how to run! I might do it all wrong! Anyway the moment came and I launched into a "jog" and I immediately realised my butt must be jiggling more than my gran's jelly! I thought OMG people behind me are going to get an eyeful! Happily my shins and leg muscles started screaming so loud I had no time to think of my jiggly butt any more!

I was scared I would not make it but I panted and shuffled and jiggled my way to the end of the podcast and I am so very proud! I realise it's just the first step, but I got my butt off the couch and that's a big deal for me :) bring on the next run!!!! :)


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22 Replies

  • Good post, well done. Yes the first (but possibly the hardest) step is the one off the couch and you just took it. Please don't let your worries and fears stop you doing this important thing for yourself :)

  • A good post that made me laugh. Keep it up. as said the biggest achievement is starting the c25k. Well done.

    Believe in the program and take it steady . I have been surprised how far the program has gotten me in month. Try and enjoy it

  • Brilliant well done to you.....

  • It's true what everyone says on here, w1r1 is the hardest one! And you really do forget the jiggle - I've just finished W5 and I have to admit, I quite like my jiggle now!

  • One down, twenty six to go.

    Well done and nobody laughed at you, because putting on running gear makes you virtually invisible.

  • Brilliant that you had done this and also joined us lovely lot on this forum. Enjoy😇

  • Thank you everyone :) I am so happy I finally took the plunge! I have dreamed of running for years and when I found this programme I thought - well, for god's sake woman, just do it!

  • Well done you 👍👍

  • You have done the hardest part, W1R1, you've made a massive step forward.

    As a piece of advice, don't worry about your butt, that's why it's behind you!

  • Lol! So true :)

  • Fabulous, well done, it's such a hard start but you did it, and to hell with what people think. You're doing this for you, you're brave and strong and you will succeed!

    I remember that first foray into the great outdoors, all I could think about was "What if I get laughed at?" "Is running gear meant for the larger lady?"

    7 weeks on and I couldn't give a hoot, because this is such an amazing, life changing thing we're doing.

    Keep running and jiggle /wobble /rock til your hearts content ☺️☺️

  • Well done!!! Hardest bit done...you got out there!!! Who cares what you think you looked like....nobody give a second glance when we are running. Everyone I pass just smiles and says hi, they don’t see any jiggly bits, besides give it a few weeks and they will be toning up!! My shape is definitely changing!! Go for it!!! 👍🏻

  • You forgot the golden rule of being a runner - you are invisible to the non running public. A ninja in fact, they just feel a rush of air when you're in the vicinity...

    Jiggly butt is just a short think away from being Beyoncé....

  • Ninja! Love that :)

  • Every time I see anyone out running whoever they are all I think is fair play! It takes courage :) well done

  • Yeay!!! Out there... well done you!

    You just go out there and do it!!! Anyone who stares is jealous :)

  • Great post...an inspiration to all. Most people don't lift their heads up from their phones to even notice you but if you've made someone else get off their couch with your jiggle then it's all worth it....well done!!!

  • That's a great way of putting all those first time feelings down 'jiggling buttocks' thank you made me giggle this morning and reflect it's exactly how I felt too !!!

    It will all change I assure you 👍🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Someone else who sounds just like me! I want to be invisible so that no one will say " look at that fat old granny trying to run" but I am running (slow jogging) despite the fact that my chest......even after losing almost 4stone and wearing a miracle of modern engineering to keep things in place .....does it's own thing and probably runs twice as far as my legs😂😂😂😂😂😂 Today I will do W2 R3 , let them laugh!!

  • Good luck! We will jiggle our way to graduation :)

  • One day I had the most horrible thing happen to me -- riding my bike to the university where I teach and these two kids in a car pull up next to me to tell me what a fat a**e I have. I'm like, "I'm the one biking on my way to a great job and going home to a sexy husband and you're in a car scarfing biccies -- so who's laughing now?"

    Don't think they expected me to answer back, LOL.

    How your butt jiggles is no one's business, sez I.

  • What a nasty pair! Well done on answering back!

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