First Race - Done!! What a journey :)

First Race - Done!!  What a journey :)

Three months ago, I could barely run for a bus. I hated running for the past 20 years, why would I start now? But thanks to a few stresses and strains I decided to give it a shot and ended up doing C25K. Some people told me at the beginning that everyone can run 5k - this annoyed me so much, and we all know that's not true. But others, including everyone on this forum, have been incredibly supportive. My goal was to run in a 5k race, no walking allowed. Last night I did it! I wasn't the fastest (I managed 40mins with an average pace of 7.07, probably the fastest pace I've run consistently), but I've learned from everyone here that it's not about speed - it's about having a goal and reaching it. I may have run slowly. But I RAN. All of it. And crossing that finish line was a sweet, sweet moment. I could never have seen myself doing this a few months ago. Proof that this programme works. Already signed up for a 10km...


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  • That's great well! I hate that people say running 5k is easy. Little do they know I couldn't run the 60 seconds needed for week 1! I'm hoping to prove to myself I can do it even if they don't know my pain. You are an inspiration to people like me. Keep up the good work, its not easy running the whole 5k and you did it in a good time :)

  • You'll be amazed, LindaJayne. Once you've done W5R3 you'll probably feel different. When you get into the final weeks of C25K you realise that you really CAN run.

  • What Steve said! I also found the 60 second runs horrible, and my boyfriend now always reminds me of them when we go out for a run. 'Remember when you couldn't run for a minute....' You'll get there as well. After week 5 your mentality will change - that's the turning point for pretty much everyone. And if it takes a few attempts, so what - this is your journey, nobody else's! Good luck with it and thanks so much for your words!

  • Well done you! Isn't it a great feeling, and don't you feel so much better about yourself?

    Have you thought about doing your local Parkrun? Not quite the same as an organised race, but pretty close to it, and you get a nice buzz from running past the finish there, too.

  • It was the best feeling! I never in a million years thought I'd do this and when I signed up for this race at the beginning of C25K, I half thought that I'd have to drop out. Haven't tried Parkrun yet, mainly because my local one is full of athletic Australians who can probably smash 5k in 10 minutes, but I'm trying to find the courage to go one weekend!! :)

  • I think you'll find that most Parkruns have got a group of runners that will finish in 16 or 17 minutes, but also those that finish in 45-50 minutes or more. It's just great fun!

  • - there are a few 40 minuters in my local one, but definitely the minority! Maybe that will motivate me to go just a little faster though.....! :)

  • Well done, Grubby theres no stopping you now. I bet you were smiling for the rest of the day. Keep up the good work you've done already and im sure you'll smash the 10k soon.

  • Thank you! Still smiling today, still buzzing :)

  • What an inspiration thank you!! And huge well done!! I'm on week2 r2 this eve :/

  • Hope it's going well!! :)

  • Congratulations! It is a massive achievement. Well done you! You are justified in carrying that buzz around with you for quite a while yet. Good luck with the 10k - I have no doubts you will do it. The staying power and determination to finish C25k proves that. Do try out your parkrun, you will be surprised just how supportive some of those racing snakes can be!

  • Thank you!! I hope so, and I've decided to try parkrun out next week - maybe all those speedy Aussies will encourage my legs to move just a tiny bit faster ;-)

  • What a great picky and well done that's a fantastic achievement...onto 10k that's the spirit, well done!!!

  • Thank you!!

  • Wow that's brilliant. Great pic as well.

  • Thanks Glossy :)

  • Oh Grubby , I am so pleased for you . Entering these runs is brilliant isn't it ?

    Whod've thought from those scary steps on W1R1 that we could progress to this ?

    Lovely pic and I hope you are very proud of yourself !

    Parkrun is fab , would highly recommend it :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug!! It was a great experience. Whilst I was running I was thinking about W1R1 back when it was still cold and dark and I used to puff around Putney common willing those one minute runs to end. Definitely proud of progressing this far and couldn't have done it without the support of the lovely people on this forum :) xx

  • Well down and thank you for the post.

    I loved your comment about "Some people told me at the beginning that everyone can run 5k - this annoyed me so much, and we all know that's not true. "

    I was one of those people who couldn't ever have run 5km. My goal is to run 5km in a "race" (no walking allowed) which I should be doing this Sunday.

    Well done again. :-) xx

  • Best of luck with the race on Sunday! My biggest learning from the race was that next time, I need to start off slow - when you're caught up in going over that start line with everyone else it's just so easy to race off and then by 2km it's feeling like a struggle. I reached the 1km mark in around 6 minutes and realised I was running way too quickly for my usual pace!

    Let us know how you get on!!! xx

  • Will do. Thanks for the tip. Can see myself doing that too.

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