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Week 6 run 2- hot hot hot


Found this really difficult today even though I’d run for 20 mins the week before with relative ease. Makes me wonder if I’ll be able to step up to 25 mins. How is everyone coping with this heat?! I have to run in the morning as if I left it until the evening I’d come up with an excuse. I’m not running until 10 so it’s quite hot when I finish- I’ll have to start earlier. Struggling a bit!!!

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After 8:30 is too hot for me at the moment. I try and get out as early as possible, still sticking to shade where I can. Sun is hot even in the early morning.

Have found a hat or head sweat band helpful at the moment. Plus I always take a big bottle of chilled water to drink and pour on my face when necessary!

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Thanks. 830 is a bit early for me but I’ve found a run mainly in the shade so think I may be ok. Resting other posts I realise that this is a tough week but just that long run to do and I’m moving on another week- I can’t believe it!!

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Good luck!

Good hydration well before you run, try not to run on the path/road as they will be far hotter than air temp, a slightly slower pace and good breathing. Its tough and you are doing great. ☺


We were out by 7.30 this morning and was already very warm!! No way could manage 10 would melt!! Keep it slow and stay hydrated.

Hi, you’ll be able to manage it, as you’ve come through the programme so far. 🙂 Just concentrate on taking it nice and steady. You’re not going to break any records in this weather! 😀

We all struggle in the heat, so don’t worry about it. Just make sure you keep hydrated, especially on non-running days.

Good luck and keep running 🏃‍♀️


I was exactly the same today. I did W6R1 this morning at around 9am. Usually go out a bit earlier when it's cooler and was completely overdressed in leggings and a long sleeved top! Made it much more difficult. I found this run the hardest out of any of them, which I didn't expect. Good luck with R3. I'm right behind you!! 😀

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