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Beauty Day to hit the finish line

Another crisp morning run with one goal in mind. Today was the day we were on our 5k app final run. My friend and I run listening to an audio book and today it was so helpful to have it to take our minds of of the last 4 minutes. We ran mostly in the trails as I found it cooler and not as harsh on my knees. We are 46 and 47 and both one year post op from full hysterectomies. Post surgery we went back to gym and needed an added boost to get back in shape. I can not say how much I loved my compression shorts!!

I do not know if we are running a bit slow but ended with 5.12 km. We may continue to work on our time or try the next app. Neither one of us is in love with running but have come a long way from being winded at 30 seconds. I keep waiting for the runner's high to kick in but maybe that doesn't happen till we run longer distances. Great app and great forums!

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Yeay... Congratulations and well done both of you! Go get those badges:)

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