I did it with 5x50 T-shirt and a bottle of champagne at the finish line :)

I'm so happy....that is an understatement actually....I'm ecstatic :) 9 weeks ago I never in a million thought I could run for 30 minutes. I have had an exciting journey from September 2012. I had a gastric bypass op and have dieted and exercised since then. I started C25K in February and finally finished this evening. I also started 5x50 in March and my whole life has changed so much.

My attitude to diet and exercising has changed so dramatically, but I love the changes. I never completed anything in the past. I would start a diet or an exercise plan and then after a few weeks it would (or rather I would) stop :( I wasn't sure I would complete this programme, but with the help and encouragement from friends and family has been fantastic.

But the biggest thank you goes out to you guys....with out you it would have been impossible. I really mean this. The encouragement and support goes such a long way to whether you do or don't finish. I not going to say fail...because everyone who starts the programme is a star...even if you don't finish first time round, you come back and try again. This is down to this site :)

My husband has been a star throughout, and he even had a bottle of champagne in the fridge for when I came home :) It was a lovely surprise!

The run was great and I even improved my time :) I still don't know how much I run exactly but we think it's around 4 kms. I am getting a garmin for my graduation pressie :-D One of the other great things about my run today was that I could wear my 5x50 t-shirt on my run. It arrived this morning, so the whole of Menen now knows about the challenge ( well not the whole, but they will do soon ;) )

I am going to do another week of Laura and 30 mins and then go on to the C25K+ Again a big thank you and sloppy kiss to all you great running buddies out there.....thank you :-D xxxxx


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  • Oh WOWEE what a star you are, well done you :) You deserved that glass or two of bubbly and wear your 5 x 50 T shirt with pride. Will look forward to hearing how you get on too. Don't forget to send Admin a message to get your Graduate badge. Smashing blog :)

  • Just sent my message to admin...so hopefully a sexy shiny green badge in the next few days :-D

  • Congratulations! Your blog just oozes with happiness. Look at all those smileys! And what a dear, your husband, to get the champagne in. ;-)

    I endorse your thanks to all those offering their support... it makes such a difference.

    Enjoy your future runs. :-)

  • Hee hee....there are a lot of smilies, but I'm still bouncing. What a great feeling :)

  • Oh wow!! What a star you are and a HUGE inspiration to everyone out there starting up, on this crazy journey. It is so much more than just running; a lifestyle change which happily creeps up on you. Your husband sounds so supportive and champagne bubbles and smiles are popping up throughout your blog :D Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far!

  • I didn't realise how many smilies there were in my post....but hayho I'm very happy :) Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Congratulations - you've made such huge changes to your life! Enjoy the champers, the badge and your lovely husband! :)

  • Cheers Oona... ;-)

  • Congratulations, I am so happy for you! How wonderful of your husband to get champagne in too, that's just so lovely. :)

    May you go on making the most of your new lifestyle! :)

    Have a few more - :) :) :) :)

  • Thanks Greeners....you've been a rock through this. You probably don't realise how often I have looked at you words and thought...yes I can....you're inspirational :)

  • Well, thank you - that's made my day! :) I suspect that I may annoy some people by going on about slow and steady, and being slow, and avoiding injury, etc etc, but I do hope to be encouraging too!

    And maybe when my body has got a bit more used to exercise every day, I'll get back to running a bit more - it seems to have lapsed a bit with 5x50. I'm so impressed by the pre-graduates that have managed to combine c25k with 5x50 - it really is a huge achievement to do both at once! :)

  • Excellent rockchick, great result. :) It's a great achievement to make it through the 9 weeks and the huge increases in time running. Enjoy the champagne and the celebration, it's well deserved. :)

  • Thanks Landesman....finally found a site to measure how far I run and it's 4.3km exactly....the .3 is important :)

  • TA-DA. Ring The Bells. We got another one!

    Very well done, and well done for keeping so enthusiastic and bubbling to the end.

  • Love the play on words....bubbling :) Used to be blubbering...but no more. Thanks for the great charts on 5x50 you are a star ;)

  • Congratulations - and what a lovely husband.

  • Thanks ancientrunner....he is a star and he has really encouraged me throughout :)

  • Absolutely fantastic rockchick!! Your happiness and pride just oozes from your blog! I am so happy for you! :) How lovely of your hubby to get the champers in to celebrate, see he had confidence in you just as we do!

    So now I am sitting here too raising a glass to you to welcome you to the Grad Club!!

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue...it's great to be part of the club :)

  • How, how, how lovely. Well done and enjoy those bubbles, graduate!

  • Thanks Tati, it's not long til you graduate is it?

  • Congratulations on graduating, It feels lovely doesn't it, enjoy the smiles over the next few days :D also what a lovely surprise from our husband.

    Graduation is just the start, I think when you start C25K you thinks it's the finish line, but when you get there you realise it the start of another journey, enjoy whatever comes next.

  • Thanks Phil, I've just signed up for 2 5km runs. One is in May and the other in June :) Got something to work at now ;-)

  • Congratulations on your graduation :) Your other achievements are fantastic as well - what an amazing journey you've had since last year. You deserve that champagne - well done :)

  • Thanks Annie,it's great to have made it and find that I really enjoy it ;)

  • Congratulation on your graduation run. :-) What a awesome post I can feel your excitement. you have come a long way and made some amazing changes to your life and health, and what a wonderful hubby you have. :-)

    Best of luck with your continued journey. :-)

  • Thanks Caz, just signed up for 2 5 km runs....really excited. Your turn to graduate next ;)

  • Best of luck with the runs. :-)

  • Great achievement, especially following the program and doing the 5x50 challenge at the same time. Well done, you've earned that champagne :-) :-)

  • Never thought I would be able to do the 2 at the same time, but with lots of planning it's coming together! I love doing the challenge and my attitude to exercise is so different now. good luck ntonyou with the rest of 5x50 :-)

  • Only just seen this, busy weekend. Congratulations, you're a superstar! And what a lovely hubby, I came in from mine and he said 'well done' and turned back to the TV :O

  • He's still proud of you....just that something was a little more intersting on TV that night...lol :-D Are you doing anything else now you have graduated?

  • Great and wonderful achievement !! I wish I had found this site when I first started out, this time last year I couldn't run for a couple of minutes.

    Today after a lot of hard work and a lovely hubbys support I ran 6 K without stopping :) I gave myself a pat on the back :) really I did :)

    Doing it by myself has been hard and sometimes deflating when I have not been able to achieve what I wanted, but hey now my aim is 10K without stopping !!

    Just glad I found this site, everyone is very supportive of each other and happy days ahead for us all x

  • That's great grannygrunt.....doing all that on your own must have been difficult. Welcome to this wonderful site that gives you so much help support and encouragement :)

    It sounds like we both have great hubbys :)

    Good luck with the 10K goal....not for me yet!! But I have signed up for 2 fun runs so working towards my 5K for those. Keep posting so we know how you're doing :-D

  • Massive Congratulations :D Well Done, Well Deserved!

  • A big well done from me as well! I to hope one day to say I have graduated - and, am on my second attempt to get there now. The supporton here is terrific, I doubt I would be having another go without the support, encouragement and tips. Its blogs like your that keep us going. Well done again and another smily from me too!! :) :)

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