Nice 10K to finish the week

Hi All, Work has been getting the better of me. Lots of long days commuting and working in Kent so apologies I have not been on here much. My Post tibial tendonitis is still with me - now into the 4th month but I am back to running 3 times a week albeit gingerly.

Went out for a slow 10k last night and felt really strong. It was only after 6K I felt my legs were working properly and the hills were okay. Did it in 1 hour 9 mins with my Garmin warnig me every time I went quicker than 6min 15 per km.

Felt really good to be out running.

Hope you all have great runs at parkrun etc


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  • Great to see you back out there again. It must of felt like a really long time waiting. Glad to see your treating yourself with tlc and listening to your body. Happy healing and running.

  • Thanks RFC.

  • 10k is a lovely distance to run, isn't it?

  • It is great. No walking in this one and lots of hills it was great fun.

  • Sorry to hear your not 100% but great to hear your managing 3 runs a week your doing better than me there!!

  • How are you getting on Vix? Any more 10Ks planned?

  • I have one next Sunday, but running in April has been limited to only 2 /3 runs so I doubt I am ready. Too much travel and life getting in the way. Back in chile now, weather has FINALLY turned so plan is to get out there now

  • Hope it goes well Vix

  • Hi gettingfitter. Glad to see you are getting better. I am in the slower than normal mode lately. I had a sore hip but its getting better now. Way to keep going!

  • Great that you are on the mend Burgdude

  • Sounds as if things are going really well now. At least you are not completely laid up and building up patiently.

  • Thanks Ully. Still trying not to overdo it but it is hard

  • GF this is good news indeed. A 10K in 69 mins is bloody good especially if you're a bit below par. Keep it steady dude and look after those tibial tendor thingy's!

  • Thanks Dan my Garmin tells me I'm not as fit as I was but hopefully this tendon will sort itself out

  • Glad to see you are getting back up to distance - hope you keep improving.

  • Thanks c4ts it is nice to be back

  • Yo Bro ! :-)

    Great news ! Sounds very positive, good to hear youre getting back out there

    All the very best to you on your continued recovery xxx

  • Thanks PP. Smashed it today ;-)

  • If you can keep running 3 times a week you will build up your former strength. 10 k is lovely isn't it, just far enough. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, my last before my race.

  • Good luck with the race MW

  • GF! There you are! Good to see you back. I'd be more than happy with that time xx

  • Thanks Curly. Connected on Garmin too.

  • Thanks GF.

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