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Week 5 run 3. Did it! Can stop lurking now!

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I've been a lurker on here since week 1. I have replied to a few people and liked comments but thought I would never get to week 5 run 3 so didn't want to post. Well I only went and bloomin did it.

It was all planned for Sunday. The weather looked fine, I had a new play list to motivate me, and I even offered to be the designated driver at the local music festival so I would be fresh. It was not to be as an hour or so dancing in wellies in the mud had done for my knees and back so I had another rest day and listened to my body. I knew I was bad because I couldn't bend down to do my shoes laces. I was strangely disappointed. Me who tried every trick in the book to skive out of games at school.

I am so unfit I can't run a bath without being out of breath. I have had Atrial Fibrillation and tachycardia for 6 years and am on beta blockers which make you tired. I have used this as the reason I am unfit. The crunch came this summer when I got down on the floor to pick something up and pretty much beached myself. It's no fun at 57 having to be helped up. That plus a fall in the bath made me think about where I wanted to be. I retired early (from lecturing) and I could go one of two ways: to becoming an overweight out of breath person with an excuse for sitting in at my computer all day (I'm a writer) or someone with a good chance of living a full and active life. Couch to 5k came into my FB feed somehow and I decided to do it. Every week I surprised myself, like so many others before me.

Today i set off with my carefully planned playlist having decided against having Laura but just to use music to mark 10 minutes and then turn round and come back at a chosen track. I nearly fell at the first hurdle when I realised I hadn't turned shuffle off and my warm down music was coming randomly into my running. This means by the time I had found the tracks I wanted I did a tad over 20 minutes. I could have done more. I'm so slow my shadow is faster than me. Slugs wave as they cruise by, but I beat a barge and some swans down the canal and I moved forward for 20 minutes.

I can't thanks this programme enough. it really has changed me. My posture is better. I have more energy and I get out in the fresh air and see the beautiful world! Here's to week 6!

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<<I'm so slow my shadow is faster than me.>>

Love this!

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Given your past health issues and where you are in the program you are doing great, who cares if you are slow?

Slow and steady works, OldFloss on here taught me that and it is serving me well, your accomplishment is greater than you think, W5 R3 is, in my opinion a psychological test, pass the test and the rest of the program is laid out in front of you, the extra time on the later runs is just that, extra time to enjoy the run.

Well done, enjoy the grin you will have from completing what I think is the hardest run in the program.

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Alibi23 in reply to LeeU

Thanks LeeU that's given me a real boost!

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Alibi23 in reply to LeeU

yes I have been following that mantra of slow and steady- lurking meant lots of browsing inspirational posts. I would describe what I'm doing as shuffling so can't go much slower. But I don't care. My competition is my slothful couch self not any one else! You are so right it's in the mind. I have told the 'Can't' daemon to jump in the canal and only run with the 'can' one now!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Alibi23

Not Can I do it? But, I can do it..:)

You are most definitely going to do this... please, keep posting :)

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Alibi23 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss I have been listening to you all the time. I will keep it up!

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Enjoyed reading your post 😄! Well done & good luck with the next few weeks.

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What a great post! Welly dancing sounds a real workout, a good idea to rest. You definitely have a way with words 😊 no more lurking! very well done for getting this far, you are doing really well overcoming your health issues and should feel very proud. Keep up the good work.

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Alibi23 in reply to skysue16

Thank you, no more lurking or shirking!

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Literally tears come to my eyes. You are WORTH it. Rock on!

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Alibi23 in reply to ejvcruns

Thank you so much! this forum is wonderful for boosting confidence.

That's great to get this far. And its very inspiring to know that you can do this despite your health stuff. As regards the shadow this can be fixed depending on which way you are facing the sun! Go for it and good luck.

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Alibi23 in reply to Downtwo

I'll bear that in mind Downtwo. To be honest the chance of any shadows this week are slim as it's cloudy and dull, but I will keep it up anyway!

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Downtwo in reply to Alibi23

That's a point. Lets hope the rain keeps off enough at least

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Hi there... and a massive well done... against loads of odds , here you are and looking sooooo, good!!!

Just follow this programme, take those rest days and enjoy the journey...

Slow is incredible.... the journey is so great... why rush it:)

" Fast enough to get there....slow enough to see"

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Alibi23 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss I like your mantra!

Hi Alibi23😊, you are doing just great, I'm 57 too and running has done wonders for my back pain. So pleased to hear that you are enjoying the benefits and look forward to cheering you on to your graduation.

Onwards and upwards 😊...


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Well done you! You've come this far there's no stopping you now 😌

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Alibi23 in reply to Getfitok


That's fab, you are inspiring me. "slugs wave as they cruise by" hilarious. I took my dog with me for W1R3 & he's great company but I'm not sure he got past a brisk walk whilst I was jogging. He looked completely flummoxed by me periodically breaking into a run. Taking him for W2R2 tomorrow 🐶🏃🏼‍♀️

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